This specimen tompot blenny fell to LRF tactics

Starting Light Rock Fishing (LRF)

Interest in LRF has exploded over the last few months, and anglers of all ages are queuing up to get involved in this uncomplicated and exciting style of fishing. In the …
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Mike Curtin, Captain (Connacht) on the right accepting the trophy for winning the All Ireland Open 2013

Irish Shore Team Selection Proceedure

The Irish Federation of Sea Anglers have separate systems for selecting their International shore teams for the World Championships and the annual Home Nations events.
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Competition Progression Within the SFSA

Competitive angling is one branch of sea angling which as a federation we try to encourage. Healthy competition is good for the growth and development of the sport providing opportunities for …
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Mike Curtin, Captain (Connacht) on the right accepting the trophy for winning the All Ireland Open 2013

Mermaids All At Sea

Former Caithness Sea Angling Association secretary Gayle Terrace takes a wander down memory lane as she recalls the day that the gauntlet was thrown down in the battle of the sexes. …
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Century Excalibur Braid 20-40 Boat Rod

Priced at £269 and with something of an instant cult following the Excalibur boat rod is raising more than a few interested eyebrow. It fell to Steve Souter to drill down …
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FISH ZONE Specimen Bag

Steve Souter reveals the competitively priced Fish Zone Specimen Bag, which will store and transport fishing gear, camera kit and even bait.
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Artico X Power boat rod

Steve Souter fishes with the multi-tip Artico X Power and reveals exactly what this thoroughbred boat rod will do.
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Steve Souter tested the eye-catching Akios Orion 100LD boat reel and was impressed by the underlying power which isn't obvious at a glance.
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Hair Rigged Hard Back Crab for Smoothies

Graeme Moon from Eastbourne had a great season on the smoothhounds last year. Of his 30 hounds from a local pier 25 fell to hardback crab fished on a version of …
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Reel Tips - Post Trip Basics

Dave Lynes of the Reel Service Centre explains why simple steps can make all the difference and protect your reel.
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Split the squid and remove the guts set them aside in the bait box, cut 4 to 6 thin strips of squid. Lightly bash the squid with your steak hammer until tender but still firm.

Black Squid Bait

In the second of his bait preparation series Dean Dickinson explains how he prepares black squid baits for sharks, rays and other species.
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The baits ready for prep

Bloodworm Squid Teaser

One of the great things about the internet is using the search facilities to roam the virtual sea angling world. There are many tricks, tips and techniques out there which can …
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match angler website

Ted Tuckerman's Devon Report


Information about common saltwater species including identification, habitat, bait and tackle methods.


cascade rig
Detailed rig drawings and how to tie them.

Tide Tables

tide tables
Planet Sea Fishing hosts tide tables for over 300 UK and Ireland ports. They are available for the full year in Adobe pdf format.
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Starting Out

New to sea angling? Then this instructional channel is the one for you. Starting from the basics with rods and reels Planet Sea Fishing ease you into the sport.
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PSF hosts over 7000 schematics and manual for reels, outboard motors and marine electronics. Head over here to download the pdf to suit your needs.
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