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Shorelines - Tay Estuary

Two venues immediately opposite each other on the banks of the river Tay and beside the city of Dundee, Discovery Quay and Wormit Bay can provide great sport for the beginner as well as providing a productive venue for the match angler.

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Shorelines with Steve Walker - Greatham Creek to Seaton Carew

Our north east England correspondant Steve Walker takes us out and about on the shore from Greatham Creek to Seaton Carew via North Gare.

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Right Plaice Right Time

I always think fishing is a bit of a roller coaster ride with good days and tough days with just enough encouragement on the tough days to keep you coming back. Then there are days like the 7th June 2014 when it all falls in to place at once; great sport, great weather and excellent company - to remind you of just what a fantastic pastime sea angling can be.

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Trigger Fishing Fun in Mexico

For many people the last five years have been financially challenging to say the least and this has meant that many people have been unable to justify a trip to another country solely for angling. For those lucky enough to still enjoy a family holiday abroad, this also becomes the vehicle to sample some fishing in foreign climes as Des Westmore relates in his holiday narrative.

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Starry Starry Hounds

Smoothhounds are one of the few species which  are showing an increase in numbers in north European waters, probably due to the lack of commercial pressure and the widely establish practice of catch and release from the angling perspective. 

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Sea Angling for Beginners - The Anatomy of a Fishing Hook

There are a bewildering array of hook designs available on the market with manufacturers from Europe to the Far East producing constantly changing ranges. Gone are the days when there were three or four main patterns available to the sea angler. In this article we take a look at the terms which are common to all hook producers to clarify just what they mean in their adverts and on retail websites.

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Jersey Tope in the Sunshine

The waters around the Channel Island of Jersey are well known for the terrific variety of species available to boat anglers. Daniel Ferguson relates a typical early season day afloat off the south west coast of the island as water temperatures start to warm up.

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