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Glossary term - Abu


Abu – Swedish based tackle manufacturers, known for their shore reels.

Glossary term - Adipose Fin

Adipose Fin

Adipose Fin - A small fleshy lump which appears behind the dorsal fin on game fish such as salmon and trout.

Glossary term - Aeration tank

Aeration tank

Aeration tank - A tank or container used to keep bait alive by pumping a supply of air or fresh sea water into it. Also known as a livebait tank or well or vivier.

Glossary term - Amnesia


Amnesia - A low memory fishing line which recovers from twists when tensioned particularly good for hook snoods.

Glossary term - Anadromous


Anadromous - Fish that hatch and rear in fresh water then migrate to the sea to grow and mature. They then return to fresh water to spawn and reproduce. The salmon is the most common of this type of fish.

Glossary term - Anal fin

Anal fin

Anal fin - The fin behind the vent.

Glossary term - Angler


Angler – Anyone who uses a rod and line for fishing. Those who fish for sport in saltwater are known as recreational sea anglers.

Glossary term - Angling Trust

Angling Trust

Angling Trust - The governing body for sea angling in England. Selects international teams for Home Internationals and CIPS events.

Glossary term - Anti-kink


Anti-kink - A device which helps to prevent line twist when spinning.

Glossary term - Artificial


Artificial - Any bait which is man-made, may be plastic, wood or metal.

Glossary term - Assist Hook

Assist Hook

Assist Hook – A hook fished from the top of a jig or pirk attached by a length of cord or wire.

Glossary term - Back cast

Back cast

Back cast – A casting style particularly popular in the east of England. The angler stands with their back to the sea and parallel to the beach. Rods for this style tend to be long and have a heavy action. It is a cast particularly suited to throwing heavy weights. In fly fishing the term is used to describe the action of throwing the rod and line backwards, and allowing the line to unroll in the air, before making a forward cast.

Glossary term - Back wind

Back wind

Back wind – Using the reels anti-reverse switch to allow the fish to take line when fishing with a fixed spool or centrepin reel.

Glossary term - Backing line

Backing line

Backing line or backing – Line used to spool on a reel to raise the line level before applying a topshot of other line, normally braid. In fly fishing the backing gives a reserve of line over and above the fly line to play a big fish.

Glossary term - Backlash


Backlash – The result of an uncontrolled spool when casting a multiplier reel. The spool spins faster than the line is flowing from it and the resultant tangle can be serious enough to require the cutting of the line. Also known as a birds nest or overrun

Glossary term - Backwash


Backwash – The movement of the waves back out to sea after flooding the beach or rocks.

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