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Glossary term - Bait digging

Bait digging

Bait digging - the gathering of bait using a fork or spade. Usually for worms or clams.

Glossary term - Bait elastic

Bait elastic

Bait elastic – An elasticated thread used to secure soft baits such as mussels or crab to the hook by whipping. It does not need to be tied as it grips when stretched. Used to be only available from haberdashery shops in the form of knit-in or shirring elastic but now branded for angling and available from tackle shops.

Glossary term - Bait holder hook

Bait holder hook

Bait holder hook – A hook with a slice or slices on the back of the shank to help retain a bait or plastic worm.

Glossary term - Bait pump

Bait pump

Bait pump - a metal, suction pump used for bait gathering in particular for black lugworm in their vertical burrows.

Glossary term - Baitcasting


Baitcasting – A US term used to describe a rod and reel set-up for lure or bait fishing where the reel is fished on top of the rod. The reel is generally a multiplier or closed-face model.

Glossary term - Baitfish


Baitfish - Small fish near the bottom of the food chain used for bait, generally live, to catch larger predatory species. Sandeels are a common example of a baitfish.

Glossary term - Baiting needle

Baiting needle

Baiting needle - A long metal needle with either an eye at the blunt end used for mounting dead fish on a rig or with a hollow indent to locate a hook point and allow worms or shellfish to be threaded onto hooks.

Glossary term - Baitrunner


Baitrunner - a fixed spool reel with a rear drag and a lever to disengage the spool allowing the fish to run freely but with line pick-up when the handle is turned.

Glossary term - Balanced


Balanced - A term used to describe the proper combination of rod, reel line.

Glossary term - Balloon


Balloon - used as a float to suspend large baits when shark fishing.

Glossary term - Bar


Bar - An offshore ridge or mound of sand, gravel or pebbles which is submerged during some stage of the tide. Common at the mouth of a river or estuary or lying parallel to a beach a short distance offshore.

Glossary term - Barb


Barb – A slice in the metal of a hook near to the hook point which helps prevent the escape of a hooked fish.

Glossary term - Barbless hook

Barbless hook

Barbless hook - A hook made without a barb, or a hook on which the barb has been flattened. Used when catch-and-release fishing.

Glossary term - Barometric pressure

Barometric pressure

Barometric pressure - (atmospheric pressure) The pressure at any point in an atmosphere due solely to the weight of the atmospheric gases. Indicates the presence of high or low pressure areas.

Glossary term - Basin


Basin - A large depression of a generally circular or elliptical.

Glossary term - Bay


Bay - A recess or inlet in the shoreline between two headlands.

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