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Glossary term - Undertow


Undertow - A current below water surface flowing seaward; the receding water below the surface from waves breaking on a shelving beach.

Glossary term - Uni-knot


Uni-knot – A popular basic knot or attaching line to hooks, swivels etc and can be used to join two lines together.

Glossary term - Uni-tech cast

Uni-tech cast

Uni-tech cast – A variation of the off the ground cast where the lead is laid out back towards the angler and inside the tip of the rod.

Glossary term - Uptider


Uptider - a rod designed for uptide boat fishing with an extended handle below the reel seat to facilitate casting.

Glossary term - Uptiding


Uptiding - A type of boat fishing where the bait is cast uptide and away from the area around the anchor rope and boat. Grip leads are used and a belly is allowed to develop in the line after the rig settles. Bites from larger fish are normally slack liners. Originally developed in the shallow waters of the Thames estuary.

Glossary term - Upwelling


Upwelling - The movement of nutrient rich waters from the bottom of the ocean to the surface.

Glossary term - Velvet swimming crab

Velvet swimming crab

Velvet swimming crab – A small crab normally found below the low water mark. Has paddle shaped rear legs and a velvety texture to its carapace.

Glossary term - Venting


Venting - using a hollow needle to release excess gas from a fish caught in deep water to improve its prospects of survival. A legal requirement for reef fish in Florida.

Glossary term - VHF radio

VHF radio

VHF radio - VHF (Very high frequency) radios are those used in the marine environment for ship to ship and ship to shore communication. They generally have a line of sight transmission range.

Glossary term - Viviparous fish

Viviparous fish

Viviparous fish - Fish who give birth to live young. Unlike those of ovoviviparous fish, the developing embryos receive nourishment from the mother.

Glossary term - Waders


Waders - Large rubber, neoprene or plastic boots that are extended up to thigh, hip or chest height. They may have mould boots attached or stocking feet for wearing with separate boots.

Glossary term - Weigh-In


Weigh-In - The culmination of a fishing match where the catches a weighed on scales. With most competitons nowadays only the heaviest fish are weighed as the results are determined by measuring fish or allocating points.

Glossary term - Weight


Weight – See sinker.

Glossary term - WFSA


WFSA – Welsh Federation of Sea Anglers the governing body for sea angling in Wales. Selects international teams for Home Internationals and CIPS events.

Glossary term - White rag

White rag

White rag – A bait with mythical powers in the minds of anglers. Difficult to find locations which harbour a regular supply. Lives in clean, course sand and tube worms are a good indicator of possible white rag areas.

Glossary term - Wind-on leader

Wind-on leader

Wind-on leader – A length of heavy monofilament threaded inside a section of hollow braided Dacron and secured in place. The lack of swivels or other attachment means that the leader can be wound through the rod rings and onto the reel. Used in big-game, shark and common skate fishing.

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