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Glossary term - Bimini Twist

Bimini Twist

Bimini Twist – A type of knot or hitch used to produce a double line segment to attach a leader. As a hitch it is not strictly a knot but it produces a connection which is extremely strong with little drop in the line’s breaking strain. Needs practice to tie successfully.

Glossary term - Birds nest

Birds nest

Birds nest – see Backlash

Glossary term - Birler blade

Birler blade

Birler blade - a small metal or plastic spinner blade used on a clevis ahead of a baited hook as an attractor. Also known as a dirler blade.

Glossary term - Black lug

Black lug

Black lug – The larger or the two main lugworm species. Lives in vertical burrows and is often fished gutted and after freezing. See also lugworm.

Glossary term - Blank


Blank - The basic fibreglass or graphite shaft or rod without any guides or hardware attached after is leaves the manufacturing process. Also refers to a fishing session where no fish are caught.

Glossary term - Blow lug

Blow lug

Blow lug – Also known as the common lugworm this species lives in a u-shaped burrow with a cast at one end and a blow hole at the other. Usually fished fresh and alive. See also lugworm.

Glossary term - Bluey


Bluey – Bluey is the common name given to the Pacific saury a fish used for bait and normally supplied in a frozen state.

Glossary term - Boat draw

Boat draw

Boat draw - the draw for places on a boat, usually during a competition.

Glossary term - Boil


Boil - The term used to describe the frenzy of an attack on a school of baitfish by larger fish.

Glossary term - Bomb


Bomb - An aerodynamically shaped lead weight.

Glossary term - Boom


Boom – A metal or plastic device to present a hook snood or trace. They can be fixed like the French boom or sliding on the line as with a zip slider or tubing boom.

Glossary term - Brackish water

Brackish water

Brackish water - Water with a salt content between 1000 and 4000 parts per million found where rivers meet the sea.

Glossary term - Braid


Braid or braided line - A type of line formed from woven, multi-filament, polyester, fibres which has a low diameter to breaking strain ratio and very low stretch properties. Widely used by boat anglers particularly in deep water and becoming more common among shore anglers.

Glossary term - Breakaway lead

Breakaway lead

Breakaway lead – A lead with swivelling grip wires. Originally only produced by the Breakaway Company it has now become a generic term for any lead of this type.

Glossary term - Breaker


Breaker - A wave that has become so steep that the crest of the wave topples forward as it reaches shallow water.

Glossary term - Breaking strain

Breaking strain

Breaking strain – Sometimes shortened in print to BS. The amount of pressure that a line is supposed to be able to withstand before it breaks. 50lb breaking strain line is stronger than 20lb. Manufacturers tend to under estimate the breaking strain of their lines particularly with braid. A line marked as IGFA rated lines should be designed to break at or before their stated breaking strain.

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