David Proudfoot

Fishing achievements include: Opening up the Scottish porbeagle shark fishery in Caithness by landing the first Scottish porgie outwith the Northern Isles. Fifteen caps for EFSA Scotland. Several major open competition wins. My first garfish

David Storey

Author of “The Codling Crouch”. And I've caught a few codling over the years!

Des Westmore

I am 44 years old and have lived on the Isle of Wight all my life and am therefore a ‘Caulkhead’. I began shore fishing in 1976 with my father and fished club and local competitions, serving

Gethyn Owen

A member of WFSA boat team for 5 years until I took a break from International competition to concentrate on my charter boat business. Best result to date was helping Wales to its highest placing of

Iain Graham

I list my personal bests/angling achievements as: a 165lb shore-caught Bronze Whaler shark; a 39lb cod from the boat; overall second- place at the Surfcast Wales International 2007

Ian Lindsay

I'm a journalist with the Dundee morning paper, The Courier, and also The Sunday Post. For something like 15 years I wrote a weekly sea angling column for The Courier's sister paper, The Evening Telegraph

Les McBride

Les has been sea fishing since he was 10 or 11 years old when his dad used to take him to Dunbar fishing for ‘puddlies’ (small coalfish) with a handline almost 40 years ago. He trails his own

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