Steve Yallop with trophy
20 Mar 2017

Colchester Sea Angling Club AGM

Strong winds at the weekend saw most of the boats either not launch or stay in close, and those that did fish once again reported plenty of rays to be caught plus whiting and dogfish and the first of the

Martin Smyth with an early season 6lb spurdog
14 Mar 2017

Thornback Ray Perform in the South East

A slightly quieter week with not so many ray caught from beaches and boats although our local piers still seem to be producing plenty. It’s not often that calm weather arrives at the weekend for our boat fishermen, but once

Martin Smyth with a ray from his own boat
06 Mar 2017

All at Sea – 06-03-2017

Again, this week it is all about the thornback ray invasion, every year we seem to be seeing more and more of these fish.  It’s probably just as well as we seem to be short of anything else to catch.

John with two thornback ray
28 Feb 2017

All at Sea – 27-02-2017

A touch of Spring in the air and it’s all change on the angling front with the sudden arrival of the thornback ray.  Boats and shore anglers alike are enjoying the great sport that these heavyweights can provide. On the

Walton Sea Angling Club winners
13 Feb 2017

All at Sea – 13-02-2017

We really are now in the throes of winter, with an icy blast blowing off the North Sea. Boat reports have been minimal, but those that have managed to get out have seen a few more thornback rays being caught

Michael Lloyd with one of his thornback ray from Clacton Pier
10 Feb 2017

All at Sea – 07-02-2017

Another quiet week with the fishing still in the doldrums and reports from commercial boats up as far as Lowestoft suggest that they are struggling to find any cod at all and fish markets are now having the illusive cod

Oliver with a ray
08 Feb 2017

All at Sea – 23-01-2017

We seem to be in a very similar vein each week with the lack of any cod reports, but once again lots of small whiting and dabs to be caught and thornback rays from the boats. I am a great

Walton Sea Angling Club, Boxing Day Match winners.
08 Feb 2017

All at Sea – 03-01-2017

Walton Sea Angling Club held their annual Boxing Day Match on Walton Pier and for a change the weather and tide conditions were perfect for the day. 74 competitors took part in this two-hour morning match and with high tide

anglers fishing Clacton pier
08 Feb 2017

All at Sea – 20-12-2016

Another slow weekend, but we now expect this in the run up to Christmas as previous years have showed there is nothing very big to be caught.  This trend will probably also run through the first month of the New

Wendy Pullen with a nicely marked thornback ray from Clacton Pier
28 Nov 2016

All at Sea – 28-11-2016

Thornback ray seem to have moved in closer again for both shore and pier anglers. Although the rays that have been caught are not particularly big they are still great sport. Plenty of small whiting to be caught but very