Breeding size Skegness shore caught bass
08 Dec 2014

The Politics of Bassing

??Irish angling journalist Ashley Hayden shares the concerns of many regarding the levels of current fish stocks. In this feature he examines the politics surrounding the European bass.

conservation stocks and fishing
07 Dec 2014

‘The Basin Effect’, a common phenomenon that fools us all

“The Bountiful Ocean” are words used by poets, artists, early mariners, fisher folk and even scientists once upon a time. Advancements in fisheries science have highlighted the fact that we are often under misconceptions about what we catch and how many there are out there.

smoothhound DNA identification testing
17 Jun 2014

Starry Starry Hounds

Smoothhounds are one of the few species which are showing an increase in numbers in north European waters, probably due to the lack of commercial pressure and the widely establish practice of catch and release from the angling perspective.

video list image
30 Aug 2013

Anglerfish Strikes Back

A commercial diver in Russia got himself into a dire predicament when he inexplicably stuck his hand into the mouth of an anglerfish or monkfish. The fish has a row of sharp teeth on both sides of its mouth, and it clamped down on the diver’s hand like a bear foot trap, not letting go.

minimum fish size ruler
30 May 2013

Minimum Fish Sizes

Size limits for anglers have long been a contentious issue and at times, the myriad different lists can be confusing.

a kayak angler hooked up to a common skate
28 Nov 2008

Spurdogs in crisis?

Shaun Cumming joined the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network’s Tagathon bash at Loch Sunart where efforts to preserve dwindling spurdog stocks are a work in progress. Consider spurdog as an individual shark specie and it’s not difficult to gauge why once