Balancing act

Spool balance is often overlooked when setting up a multiplier reel for fishing. Neil Mackellow explains why balance is important and shows how to achieve it...


It is a simple fact that today’s super fast multiplier spools need to be balanced to run smoothly. Very much like a car wheel, components that rotate need to be balanced to avoid vibration and run true. Assuming the reel spool itself is in thoroughly good order, and not distorted or bent in any way, balancing is a straightforward process that anyone can do. So, how do you balance the line on your spool? I have found over 20 years plus of spool balancing that the first 20 to 30 metres of line on the spool determine the balance.

Follow the picture sequence below…

1/ Knot the line to the spool and start with it hard up against the edge of the spool

2/ Make a little hump of line at that side

3/ Then run the line across to the other side and repeat the hump

4/ Now go to the middle of the spool and fill up the central gap

5/ Having evened off the lower line level, wind on as much line as you need and keep it nice and level so that the line on the spool has a smooth surface. Tape the line down on the spool by running two complete revolutions of tape, cutting it off so the two ends butt up together with no overlap.

After completing these five stages, wind off any magnets, remove brake blocks and give the spool a good hard flick to get the spool running as fast as possible, and feel/listen for any vibration. If vibration is apparent, remove the line and change the height and position of the line humps until it comes right. Some spools balance up with little effort while others will take any number of attempts to get right.

Author: Neil Mackellow

Publish Date: Tuesday 2nd December 2008

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