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bait robbers
12 Aug 2018

Beach Bait Bandits

I had been blaming crabs for hooks coming back in stripped of bait, and indeed there were a fair number of crustaceans about. However, looking at the footage back home proved that small turbot and lesser weavers also played their

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flounders and crabs
24 Jul 2018

Flounders And Crabs Attack Baits

Flounders and crabs feeding on lugworm baits with floating beads off Sandside beach in Caithness. The water is clear but with a lot of suspended weed. Depth is under one metre. The crabs pushed the beads up the snoods and

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flounders and pop ups
14 Jul 2018

Flounders Miss The Bait

Lesson learned, have the camera at the bottom of the trace and not the top. Even with a weight below the trace the popup beads kept the baits floating above the fish. Did pick up one flounder later for display

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My Way 2 coming alongside
08 Jul 2018

Gethyn Does It His Way On My Way 2

During the early hours of the morning of the 2nd of March 2018 storm Emma did its worst as it followed a catastrophic course through the marina at Holyhead on Anglesey. More than 80 boats were sunk or foundered on

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