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John unhooks a bass
28 May 2020

Fish Locker – Bass, Blonde Ray and Pollack

Sea Fishing UK – Blonde Ray, Bass and Pollack. A long solo day at sea on a small boat paid off with some fantastic fish for John of The Fish Locker.

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garfish rig
24 May 2020

How to Tie Micheal’s Garfish Rig

Garfish Rig Thanks to Micheal West of Seaglo Tackle for his description of this rig. Micheal’s garfish rig is not designed to target solely garfish but instead allows one of the two hooks to present a bait for multiple species on the

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power gum drop down rig
23 May 2020

Power Gum Drop Down Rig

A drop down rig for long range The is rig was from the plaice rig used by the late Adrian Farely. The Power Gum will maintain tension on the snood when clipped down while releasing on hitting the sea. A lift of

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plasti dip weights blaze colours
16 May 2020

Plasti Dip Coating Fishing Weights

Everyone seems to have switched on to coloured weights for sea fishing these days. The two main options are powder coating and Plasti Dip. Powder coating is effective but it can be time consuming and expensive if doing batches of

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