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silicone attactors and bait stops
11 Jan 2019

DIY Silicone Attractors and Bait Stops

Micheal details how to make your own silicone fishing attractors and bait stops step by step. These are simple to produce and much cheaper than the commercially available alternatives.

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loch linnhe picnic area dogfish
03 Jan 2019

Fishing Loch Linnhe Picnic Area

The picnic area on the east side of Loch Linnhe provides easy access to a comfortable stance with comparatively deep water within easy casting range. The paths from the parking area at Loch Linnhe picnic area allow for disabled access

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From the Waters Edge Bait
21 Nov 2018

Sea Fishing & Predator Fishing

For this latest episode From The Water’s Edge look back on a few fishing sessions we’ve had over the past few months, including some sea fishing action from both the shore and from the boat. As well as some predator

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Researching A New Shore Mark Loch Glencoul
18 Nov 2018

Researching A New Shore Mark

Finding a new venue to fish can be as simple as as asking a mate or checking out Facebook and internet forums and collating the information. However, there are areas of coastline that do not have regular visitors or even

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