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Researching A New Shore Mark Loch Glencoul
18 Nov 2018

Researching A New Shore Mark

Finding a new venue to fish can be as simple as as asking a mate or checking out Facebook and internet forums and collating the information. However, there are areas of coastline that do not have regular visitors or even

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East end of Sandside beach
11 Nov 2018

Fishing Sandside Beach

Sandside beach is one of the popular, picturesque beaches on the north Caithness coast. It is situated to the west of the Dounreay nuclear power plant which in the throws of decommissioning. The Orkney Isles can be seen to the

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Rainbow over Embo beach
28 Oct 2018

Fishing Embo Beach

There are a number of clean, sandy beaches along the north-east coast north of Inverness. Embo beach stretches one and a half miles north from the village of Embo itself. There are several gulleys, which change seasonally and patches of

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buttlöffel rig or flatfish spoon rig
11 Oct 2018

How To Tie A Buttlöffel Rig or Flatfish Spoon Rig

Buttlöffel Rig or Flatfish Spoon Rig The Buttlöffel rig or flatfish spoon rig, as translated, is widely used in the Baltic Sea and around the coasts of Denmark and the Netherlands. Used from the boat and kayak, in shallower water,

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