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a mullet on bread
07 Oct 2019

Marina Fishing For Mullet

Catching mullet with bread John’s local marina is teaming with mullet. But mullet fishing can be very frustrating, just because you can see them doesn’t mean you can catch them. John managed to get them feeding and he boated a

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flounders off Embo beach
27 Sep 2019

In the air, on the beach and under the sea at Embo for flounder

Longer than my usual submissions this is a sunny September morning on the beach at Embo on Sutherland’s east coast looking for flounders. There were plenty of flounders about but all on the wee side but still an enjoyable session.

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Fishing over the bank
21 Sep 2019

Always Expect The Unexpected

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail or so the saying goes. My recent trip along the north coast might not have fallen into the preparation trap but it did show that you should always expect the unexpected. Last July I

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A Cornish bluefin tuna
16 Sep 2019

Small Boat Cornish Tuna

John’s videos are always worth watching but this one is something special as tuna turn up as a welcome porbeagle by-catch. Open the popcorn and settle back to watch the excellent 50 minute long footage. The first time ever in

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