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Tronixpro Blackout Line
14 Jul 2019

Tronixpro Blackout Memory Free Hooklength Reviewed

Tronixpro have recently marketed range of new monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon lines. Among these is the Blackout monofilament designed for hooklengths or snoods. Blackout comes in a basic plastic blister pack with a cardboard back plate and is spooled in

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the Colmic Bait Box Cooler complete
11 Jul 2019

Colmic Bait Box Cooler

Italian tackle company Colmic are well known throughout Europe for their innovative products covering both boat and shore fishing. New to the UK market is the Colmic Bait Box Cooler. Up to now I have been carrying a small cool-box

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grouper swallows shark
11 Jul 2019

Shark Eats Swordfish Grouper Eats Shark

While searching for a potential shipwreck approximately 80 miles off the coast of South Carolina the Deep 2019 expedition team had a rare encounter – a group of sharks in what looked to be a feeding frenzy on a dead

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the Dyson rig list page
07 Jul 2019

How To Tie A Modified Dyson Rig

A Specialised Rig To Suspend Hook Baits The Dyson rig, named after specialist eel angler the late Colin Dyson, is used by freshwater anglers targeting eels in particular as well as other predators. John of The Fish Locker’s version is

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