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Drift fishing for rays produced this thornback
14 Aug 2019

Drift Fishing For Rays

Very few Scottish charter boats will drop the anchor preferring to spend the day drifting over marks. Local anglers have developed techniques to target species which are more commonly fished using uptide and down tide methods at anchor including drift

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Dean with a shad
12 Aug 2019

Catch Cook From South African Shores

Site contributor Dean Dickinson is involved in the YouTube Channel Catch Cook where anglers and hunters take the viewer from the sea or hunt to the kitchen. In this episode Dean fishes from the rocky shore near Port Elizabeth, South

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Drifting rig for rays
09 Aug 2019

How To Tie A Ray Drift Fishing Rig

The ray drift fishing rig is used in boat fishing to present three baits hard on the bottom to target the various ray species on the drift. Rig Components Main Body Three Down Rig Components Tubing Boom 1 x Trace

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Couch's bream
08 Aug 2019

Sea Fishing For Bream – Boat Fishing Cornwall

With the weather and tides looking good John AKA Fish Locker took the opportunity to fishing for bream in sheltered estuary waters. It was a great session and always better when you achieve your target species! Rigs used: The Wessex Rig The Dyson Rig

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