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At the dock in Georgia
22 Apr 2018

Dana’s First Ray Saves The Day With Mad Shark Charters

I have been fishing for a long time. In that time I have crossed off many species on my bucket list and on a recent trip with Mad Shark Charters I was able to remove another one. I know this

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ADC Hookair pack front
15 Apr 2018

ADC Hookair Hook Snood Storage Review

The ADC Hookair originates from Brazil and has been available in the European market for a few years. The Hookair is designed to neatly store pre-tied hook lengths that can be extracted, without tangling on the beach and added to

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up and over rig
01 Apr 2018

How to Tie The Up and Over Rig

General Purpose Free Running Long Snood Rig The the up and over rig is similar in design to the long and low rig. It presents a long snood close to the seabed but unlike the fixed snood on the long

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long and low rig
22 Mar 2018

How to Tie a Long and Low Rig

General Purpose Long Snood Rig The long and low rig, as its name suggests, presents a long snood close to the seabed. The effective length of the snood is approximately twice the distance between the bottom bait clip and the

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