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lifejacket and waders
17 Mar 2018

Lifejackets And The Sea Angler

Henry Gilbey and friends head to the RNLI test pool where they immerse themselves in the waves with their fishing gear including waders. The crew take to the water both without and with life saving lifejackets.

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Phill with his 7lb plus plaice
17 Mar 2018

Phill Lands A Bin Lid Plaice

Phill Dale from Skarnsundet Fjordsenter heads to the lay bye shore fishing mark near Straumen, Norway. This mark is a favourite, shallow area with a mud and shingle seabed that produces dabs, cod, haddock, whiting although the main target is plaice. This

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12 Mar 2018

Essex Sea Anglers Struggle In Cold Conditions

The big freeze came and went but along with it so did the fish! Sub-zero conditions and easterly winds saw sea temperatures plummet like we haven’t seen for many years, and this brought the fishing to a standstill. Unfortunately, it

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the dart cast
07 Feb 2018

Pre-Loading The Lure Rod

Interesting thoughts from SaltStrong on pre-loading a lure rod by starting the cast on the back swing. Loading the rod on the back swing, like fly rod casting, helps with both distance and accuracy. The forward action is similar to

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