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Scrabster lighthouse ledges looking towards Dunnet Head
16 Sep 2018

Fishing Scrabster Lighthouse Ledges

A lot of anglers get no further than the popular arms of Scrabster harbour when visiting the north coast. However, recent years have proved problematic for the bait angler with hosts of immature coalies, codling and whiting ravenously stripping the

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flounder and floating beads
02 Sep 2018

Do Floating Beads Work?

Floating beads are becoming increasingly popular with shore anglers fishing on the clean beach and other coastal marks. The beads are available in several shapes and sizes and cut-to-size foam is also accessible on the market at home and abroad.

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A shanny on the float stop drop shot rig
26 Aug 2018

Tying A Float Stop Drop Shot Rig

I can’t be the only person who finds that failing eyesight and less than dexterous fingers make it frustratingly difficult to produce drop shot rigs. Trying to secure small hooks with a Palomar knot knot while using fine monofilament or

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bait robbers
12 Aug 2018

Beach Bait Bandits

I had been blaming crabs for hooks coming back in stripped of bait, and indeed there were a fair number of crustaceans about. However, looking at the footage back home proved that small turbot and lesser weavers also played their

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