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bream sliding float
17 May 2018

How to Tie a Sliding Float Rig For Bream

Sliding Float Rig For Bream The sliding float rig for bream is suitable for shallow water boat fishing or for bream from the shore. The rig is successfully used in the Channel Islands . Sliding Float Rig Components Main Body 2 x

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Redi Rig release float assembled on line
12 May 2018

Redi Rig Release Float Reviewed

Concerns over the possible loss of balloons and plastic bottles and their effect on marine life and the wider environment led me to search out reusable float fishing alternatives. Research provided several ideas but eventually I settled on the Redi

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haddock fishing
01 May 2018

Early Season Scrabster Haddock

Early season haddock fishing out of Scrabster aboard the Seagem. Fish are on the thin side but plenty around. Small codling, dabs, whiting and mackerel were also landed. Underwater footage starts around 50 secs. For Seagem charter details contact Gerald Davidson

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flatfish boom rig
27 Apr 2018

How To Tie A Flatfish Boom Rig

The flatfish boom rig is a short to medium distance rig when used for shore fishing. From the boat, it is a general purpose rig mainly for smaller species. As an alternative to the crimps to secure the booms, silicon

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