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All at Sea – 08-11-2016

by John Popplewell

The temperatures have dropped somewhat this week and we are seeing a colder spell of weather, which to be honest is more conducive to our winter fishing. However, I still cannot report on any significant cod catches. One or two of our local boats have reported a few but nothing to really report on. We are now heading towards the middle of the month with reports of herrings moving into the estuary which in turn in the next few weeks will see any cod moving up in the water to feed on these shoal fish.

However, it certainly is not all gloom and doom, with plenty of rays and dogfish still to be caught as long as the weather stays calm enough for boats to launch.

Colchester Sea Angling Club fished their annual interclub challenge match against Maldon Angling Club on the local pier. Twenty-eight anglers fished in cold and wet conditions.

The top five weights from individuals on each team counted for the trophy. Colchester Angling Club weighed 43lbs for their top five and Maldon Angling Club weighed 33lbs for their top five anglers. Colchester Sea Angling Club retain the trophy for another year.

Mark Sessions took the top spot with 9½lb with runner-up Phil Buy only 3oz behind. Third place went to Vic Pearce with 8¾lb. Colchester filled 7 of the top 10 places. The heaviest round fish Vic Pearce’s 14oz pollack and heaviest flatfish was an 8oz dab for Martin Close.

Clacton Pier has quietened down this week. Jake Smith fished a night time tide and reported that the whiting were getting bigger and he had also landed a good size thornback ray.

St Osyth beaches are also following the quieter trend with a few whiting and the odd ray after dark.

The Holland beaches seem the place to be with thornback rays showing on most night tides and when weather conditions are right they are also being caught during daylight hours.

Walton Pier, during calmer days, has seen some dabs being caught from the top with still plenty of whiting, some thornback rays and dogfish, once again just the odd codling to be caught. Garry Graham fished here and reported that the fishing was fairly quiet although he did end his session with 18 whiting and a few pouting.

Jay King fished the top of the pier, and reported that there were plenty of crabs feeding and taking worm baits very quickly, although the tougher squid baits were finding bigger whiting. Jay also caught some of those early winter dabs.

Shore Fishing UK is once again holding their Annual 2-day Charity Fishing Match in aid of Diabetes UK along the Clacton/Walton coastline. Last year saw a few anglers from Holland and Belgium and this year will be no exception. For more information you can contact them through their Facebook page Shore Fishing UK.

If you have any fishing reports or photos you can contact me at popplewell1@btinternet.com

The high tides for the weekend are Saturday 09.11am and Sunday 10.04am.

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