Quantum Smoke with Skid-Stick
10 Dec 2017

My American Angler’s Christmas Fishing List

Yes, it is that time of year again. Time to start thinking of that angler on your Christmas fishing list, or to make your own festive fishing list. The day when that jolly old red coated gent visits is just

a Winter flounder
03 Sep 2017

Winter Flounder Fishing in Marblehead

The flounders on the east coast of the USA are a different species to the common flounder found in European waters. Like the western Atlantic flatfish the US specie provide good sport for the inshore boat and shore angler. Dana Benner

One of Dana's yellowtail snapper
09 Jul 2017

Yellowtail Snapper Scored off Bucket List

May 17, 2017, a day that will be etched into my mind forever.  That was the day I went fishing with Rampage Fishing Charters in Key West, Florida.  It is also the day that I scratched another fish, actually two

boats in Rye Harbour
15 Jun 2017

In Search of Maine Haddock

Mention haddock and most angler’s thoughts turn to Scotland, the Nordic countries or the Cornish coast. However, this popular, tasty species ranges across the Atlantic to US shores and Dana Benner takes us on a trip from the port of

ready for the hooks
27 May 2017

Lure Carving Cost Effective and Satisfying

Lure manufacturing is a multi-million dollar business in the United States alone. Visit any store that sells fishing tackle and you will see what I am talking about. Rows upon rows of lures tempt all of us that is until

a fly caught striped bass on the beach
10 Feb 2017

Striper Fly Fishing and Sea-Run Brown Trout

It is not often that I take both of my fly rods with me on any particular trip, but here I was loading them into my truck for stripped bass. It was going to be a very early morning start

close-up of gears in spinning reel
11 Dec 2016

Use Your Time Wisely on Winter Tackle Maintenance

Dana Benner uses the Winter break down time to plot next season’s trips and importantly, to carry out his tackle maintenance.

snook fishing naples florida
03 Nov 2016

Snook in the Gulf of Mexico

Without a doubt the waters of the New England coast offer some of the best saltwater fishing anywhere in the world. With stripers, blues, tuna, cod, haddock and a host of others, who could ask for more?

a lure box with contents
13 Jul 2016

Essential Sea Angling Accessories

There are tons of articles being written that tell you about rods, reels and bait. Heck, I’ve written a bunch of those types of articles myself, but there are very few articles that concentrate on what I call, “the other essential gear”.

a lure caught striper for Jack
20 Jun 2016

Fishing for Stripers at Nubble Light

Dana takes us on a trip to York, Maine where he fishes with lures for striped bass adjacent to the picturesque landmark of the Nubble Light.