Braina with one of the bass
19 Jul 2017

Personal Best for Nathan

Jonathon Hall advises that the Charity Fishathon had to be postponed due to the weather and will now take place this weekend, the 22nd. Full details of the event can be found here . 16-year-old Nathan Culshaw landed a personal best smoothhound of

corkwing wrasse
19 Jul 2017

Devon and Severn IFCA Introduce Wrasse Protection Measures

Devon and Severn IFCA (Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority) is taking the lead in the South West to manage a developing fishery to ensure its sustainability and the protection of the marine environment. Under careful management by the Devon and

a dab on Dwarwick pier
06 Jul 2017

Dwarwick Pier Dabs

Dabs are following me around this season. Tried a switch to Dwarwick pier and found them there too, unfortunately strings of creels are limiting the casting area. Evening tides tend to be busy with mackerel fishers just now. First attempt

A grey gurnard which succumbed to limpet bait
01 Jul 2017

Limpets Save Shore Fishing Session

I woke early this morning and with the sun shining headed down to the local rock ledges below Scrabster lighthouse for a few hours. Gear organised the night before, I grabbed the rod bag and drove the three miles to

Shore caught grey gurnard
17 Jun 2017

Scrabster Grey Gurnards

A couple of grey gurnards from the rock ledges near to Scrabster lighthouse. Nice change from the constant stream of dabs.

Sandside beach Caithness
16 Jun 2017

Sandside Beach Caithness

A low water neap tide flyover on Sandside beach. The beach, in Caithness, is one of the furthest north on mainland Scotland and is a popular spot for local anglers targeting flounders and bass.

a light tackle flounder from Scrabster harbour
11 Jun 2017

Scrabster Fish Market Pier LRF Session

Fished from the fish market pier using sections of white rag from early morning dig. Lots of small dabs plus flounder, mackerel and even a tiny cod. Mackerel breaking the surface hunting sandeel and guillemots flying under water after the

John Popplewell with the the biggest bass from his seven bass haul
23 May 2017

Essex Smoothhound Run the Boat Gauntlet

At last Summer is here, it has taken some time, but those chilly easterly winds have gone and now we are in a gentle warm southerly breeze. The Summer species are now arriving and the long awaited Essex smoothhound packs are gradually

Large shad rigged to go
22 May 2017

Rigging Large Shad for Sea Fishing

Rigging large plastic lures such as shads can be a struggle when using thick gauge wire hooks in sizes of 10/0 upwards, but the use of heat can simplify the task. I was fed up wrestling with the friction involved when

Tronix Double Compartment Quiver with rods
14 May 2017

Double Compartment Quiver from Tronixpro

Part of the Tronixpro luggage collection the double compartment quiver provides secure, protective, portable storage for the angler afloat or on the shore. For a number of years I have tried various rod holdalls and quivers for both boat and