My Way Pure Fishing Spurdog competition winner
16 May 2017

Pure Fishing Spurdog Competition 2017

This year, in conjunction with  Pure Fishing , among the many competitions run by Gethyn Owen was the chance for anglers to win a  Greys GR100S 20lb boat rod and Abu Ambassadeur 7000C LW multiplier reel combo. To win the Pure Fishing Spurdog Competition the angler had to catch the

Penn Squall reel with level wind
30 Apr 2017

Penn Squall Level Wind Review

As a charter skipper on board My Way, Gethyn Owen requires hire tackle that will withstand use and abuse over a season and not let him down. Here he takes a long term look at the Penn Squall 20 with level wind which has

Skipper Gethyn holds a smoothhound aboard My Way out of Holyhead
18 May 2011

Here come the smoothhounds

Smoothhounds run big off the North Wales coast and the area is synonymous with some huge fish. Each year during early summer, Holyhead charter skipper Gethyn Owen is right in the thick of this spectacular action

female angler with a Holyhead spurdog
10 May 2011

Early Summer Spurdog Tactics

Surdogs, or spurs for short, are not difficult to accurately identify. The upper body is dark grey, usually with a dash of white spots, while the belly area is white.

Holyhead charter boat MyWay tied to pontoon
30 Dec 2010

Booking a charter boat

Holyhead charter skipper Gethyn Owen knows it takes more than a quick phone call to ensure the best possible chances of a successful day’s charter boat fishing. Here he offers some sound advice on how to go about organising a

a small boat spotted ray
13 May 2010

Rays on the radar

Holyhead charter skipper Gethyn Owen discusses fishing for a variety of ray species in the waters around North Wales. Much of his excellent advice holds true for ray fishing anywhere in UK waters and will prove useful to anyone with

rods in holders after casting uptide
29 Nov 2009

Uptiding explained

Uptiding is no black art and should hold no fears for those who haven’t done it before. Holyhead charter skipper, Gethyn Owen knows and understands the benefits of being able to cast a baited rig away from the boat and

a brightly coloured male cuckoo wrasse
01 Aug 2008

Wrasse-ster Blaster

Holyhead charter skipper Gethyn Owen takes an indepth look at wrasse and how to catch them afloat. When thinking about the various species around our coasts it strikes me that I have many favourites. Bass, wrasse, pollack, smoothies and tope

smiling angler with a Holhead smoothhound aboard My Way
01 Jul 2008

Hounds all round

Holyhead charter skipper, Gethyn Owen has been busy catching big smoothhounds since the middle of May. Here he reports on recent events aboard ‘My Way’. Based on the two previous years, I fully anticipated a warm and settled April. But

Tronix foam rig winders
01 Jul 2008

Tronix EVA foam rig winders

For a number of years now some of the UK’s top shore and boat anglers have been storing their match rigs on EVA foam winders. These neat little spools store complete rigs without kinking line or phantom tangling, as is