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Catfish / Wolf Fish

Anarhichas lupus

species ID catfish wolf fish

Other Names

Wolf Fish

Distinguishing features

The catfish or wolf fish is a long bodied species with no pelvic fins. The dorsal and anal fins are long with the dorsal starting above the gill plate. At the tail end the dorsal fin is convex at the junction with the body. The large head contains a mouth with canine like teeth and crushing teeth inside. The body colour varies from reddish brown to bluey grey with darker vertical bands which also feature on the dorsal.


The catfish can reach a length of 1.5 metres and weights of 18 kg.

British Record Fish List

UK Shore Record: 12lb 12oz 8dms / 5.797kgs
UK Boat Record: 26lb 4oz 0dms / 11.906kgs
European Line Class Record for this species

Found in numbers around Norway, the Faroe Islands and Iceland in depths from 10 metres to 300 metres. Further south it is rarely found in depths of less than 60 metres. It prefers hard seabed but will be found on mud or sand.


Catfish feed on crustaceans and molluscs as well as sea urchins.


Squid is an effective bait for catfish as are mussels and fish such as blueys.


Catfish will take pirks either with or without bait.

species ID catfish wolf fish

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