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How to Tie a Deep Spinning Rig

Spinning Rig for Storm Sandeels, Plastic Worms etc

The deep spinning rig is used when targeting fish near to the seabed.

Deep Spinning Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Swivel

1 x Bead

4 – 6 metre length 20 – 40lb BS leader (will depend on length of rod for casting)


900 – 1800 mm length 15lb BS clear nylon

1 x hook to suit lure size

The Rig Body

1. Thread the lead onto the leader after tying to main line. A drilled bullet or barrel lead can be used.

2. Thread on the stop bead then tie on the swivel.

3. Tie the snood length to the swivel.

4. Tie the hook to the snood attach your favoured lure by threading onto the hook.

5. Self weighted shads can also be used and these may be heavy enough to omit the weight.

Click on image for larger version

deep spinning rig forplastic lures

There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –

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David Proudfoot

David Proudfoot