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DIY Rig Winder Container

Sometimes you just need to carry a few traces in the tackle box or separate your rig types to make them easy to find. Utilising a simple household item makes this task a doddle.

Five 65mm EVA foam rig winders, such as those from Tronix, fit neatly into an empty Vanish stain remover tub. I use them to carry bait-fish lure traces and shore rigs for a short session on the beach, rocks or pier. If you also make your own winders the foam cylinders from swimming noodles also fit when cut to length.

DIY Rig Winder Container

You certain will not mislay the bright pink tubs but they can also be found in white if you prefer to tone things down a bit. The labels can be removed in hot water but you may need a wipe with nail varnish remover or acetone to get rid of stubborn glue. Stick a sachet of silica gel in the top to help keep everything rust free.


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