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How to Tie a Hokeye Rig

Feathers / Hokeyes

Suitable for cod, pollack, wrasse, coalfish and mackerel. Although most people simply use the shop bought traces it is possible to build or adapt your own hokeye rig which is safer for casting.

These can be fished on their own or baited. See here for how to chop and rebuild a shop bought hokeye – Hack a Hokeye

Hokeye Rig Components

Main Body

1 x Oval Split Ring or swivel

1 x Lead Link

Approx 1.5 metre length 50-80lb BS main line

The Rig Body

1. Tie on the lead link.

2. Tie on the oval split ring.

3. Tie three suitably spaced blood loops and cut the loops. Commercial traces tend to use water knots which is why the lures hang differently depending upon which end the lead is attached. The water knot allows you to use a lighter breaking strain for the snood.

4. Tie the hockeyes to the snoods.

Click on image for larger version the hokeye rig

There are numerous sources of terminal tackle both locally and on-line, here are a few suggestions –

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David Proudfoot

David Proudfoot