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Sea Scorpion, Long Spined

Taurulus bubalis

species ID long spined sea scorpion

Distinguishing features

A comparatively small member of the sculpin family the long spined sea scorpion has a hard, bony head with a single long spine on the preoperculum. The membrane under the gill covers is not continuous from side to side and separates at the throat. There are small spines on the lateral line itself. The colour on the upper side varies from red to greenish brown and merges to yellow on the ventral side.


The long spined sea scorpion reaches lengths of around 18 cm.

British Record Fish List

UK Mini Record: 283gms

Its habitat covers rocky inshore areas from the north coast of Spain northwards to inside the Arctic Circle. Can be found in tidal pools and under rocks below the high water mark.


This sea scorpion feeds on small fish and crustaceans.


Although not a target species small worm and fish baits will take this species

species ID long spined sea scorpion

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David Proudfoot

David Proudfoot