alderney species hunt bull huss
28 Aug 2011

ALDERNEY species mission: 40 plus and counting

Species-chasing Mark Harding tops a landmark 40 species en route to what he hopes will be a magical final year’s total of 50… or maybe even more!

ALDERNEY species mission: Turbot Torture dragonet
27 May 2011

ALDERNEY species mission: Turbot Torture

After three weeks lording it in the Florida Keys, Mark Harding returned suntanned and refreshed to continue his challenge to root out no less than 50 different species from around the Alderney coast.

ALDERNEY species mission: crab
18 Apr 2011

ALDERNEY species mission: March Malaise

Mark Harding’s obsessive quest to top 50 species in a year ashore and afloat in Alderney waters enters a testing period during the generally dull month of March. Unperturbed though, our man goes to lunatic extremes to try and catch

an Aldeney red mullet for Mark Harding
17 Mar 2011

Alderney Species Mission: February

Species-chasing Mark Harding looks back at a tough February’s shore fishing that wasn’t without its surprises. A matter of weeks into his 12 month mission to crack 50 species from the waters around Alderney, and he is already halfway to

Mark Harding with an Alderney squid
06 Feb 2011

ALDERNEY half century mission

Alderney tackle shop owner Mark Harding embarks on a 12-month fishing mission to notch 50 species from shore, boat and kayak. He will target different fish each month, and January’s experiences ensure he is under no illusions about the difficulty

two Braye harbour red mullet for Steve
30 May 2010

Bank on Braye

Steve Souter discovers that quiet Braye harbour on the Channel Island of Alderney is packed full of fishing surprises, including red mullet, Couch’s bream, masses of black bream and more tail-walking garfish than you could shake a stick at. Weathered

Mark with a lure caught Alderney bass
31 Oct 2009

Riding the lightning

Steve Souter holds on to his hat and his breakfast as he teams up with Alderney small boat bass expert Mark Harding to discover the ‘power’ of plugs afloat. Twenty-five minutes after touching down in Alderney airport I was carving a

Mark Harding holds Alderney tope
09 Sep 2009

Raiders of the Channel Wilds

It’s pedal-to-the-metal time for Steve Souter as he pushes offshore to sample the fantastic Alderney tope fishing out beyond the notorious Casquets rocks. The engine might even have hummed ‘Mack the Knife’ as the Raider 18 cleaved a wicked white

a close up of the head of an Alderney black bream
09 Jul 2009

Bread or bust

Bread is THE mullet bait, but Channel Islands’ rumour has it that a bit of loaf clobbers bream too. Steve Souter is on the case. Daylight was just about breaking as we parked off-road. Alderney shore guide and island tackle

Alex McDonald with an Alderney mullet
23 Jan 2009

Where there’s muck there’s mullet

“It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!” gagged Steve Souter as he went Alderney mullet hunting with one hand over his mouth in possibly the smelliest place on Earth. While Alderney’s imposing ¾ mile long breakwater is the