Power Isome Soft Baits packs front
02 Aug 2012

Power Isome Soft Baits

Light Rock Fishing specalist John Francis Costello feeds back on the highly regarded Power Isome soft lures from Japan. They are lifelike, highly scented and excellent fish-catchers says JFC.

White Ragworm cocktail with mackerel
07 Apr 2011

White Ragworm:  Presentation & Transportation

In this concluding part of Planet Sea Fishing’s three-part white ragworm exposé, Steve Souter takes a look at species application, reveals some of the best whites cocktails, and deals with how to transport the bait to fishing venues Despite time

Understanding Cocktail Baits ragworm and cockle
05 May 2010

Understanding Cocktail Baits

Properly presented combination or ‘cocktail’ baits catch fish… lots of fish. Here Steve Walker talks about some of his favourite bait unions, and passes on great advice that will help you catch more. Like butter goes with bread, or rhubarb

Doing it all wrong with dead white rag
19 Jan 2010

Doing it all wrong

Good bait goes hand-in-hand with good fishing… doesn’t it? Newspaper journalist and keen sea angler Ian Lindsay begs to differ, and says plenty of fish can be caught on ripe, rotten and positively rancid baits in spite of what experts

white ragworm stored in sea coal
28 Dec 2009

White Ragworm: Storage & Maintenance

In part two of PSF’s definitive guide to white ragworm Steve Souter explains how to keep this deadliest of sea angling baits. There are tips on how to set up a bait fridge, great advice on worm care and much

using knife to lift Sea Anemone
29 Nov 2009

Sea Anemone Baits

Not all baits are easy or cheap to obtain particularly in winter. Lugworm, squid and peeler crab are supreme cod baits, but are we blind to other easier options? In this bait special Steve Walker discusses the merits of sea

Step 7 - Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait
22 Nov 2009

Pennel rigging an Armamesh bait

Previously Steve Akeroyd of Fox International showed how to use Armamesh to create a compact and effective sea fishing bait. Now Steve explains how to present that hook-bait correctly. Armamesh has been a revelation for particularly boat anglers who don’t

Step 14 - How to make an Armamesh bait
13 Nov 2009

How to make an Armamesh bait

Keeping soft baits on hooks is an age old problem for sea anglers that standard bait elastic can’t always solve. Armamesh from Fox International is a is a meshing material that binds and supports soft baits and even minced fish

a squid and rag cocktail ready to cast
01 Apr 2009

Squid baits laid bare

Squid is recognised as a great bait for a wide range of species around the UK coast, but it’s only recently that Steve Walker has got his head round it. Squid, cuttlefish, and octopus are Cephalopods , which means ‘head footed’.

quality live shrimps
13 Mar 2009

Understanding shrimp baits

Shrimps and prawns are easy to acquire baits that are underrated but highly effective says Hartlepool angler Steve Walker. In this latest chapter of his popular bait series he encourages anglers to be more open minded. Shrimps or prawns? In