Locating South Devon Bass - Exploring the south Devon coastline
14 Feb 2017

Locating South Devon Bass – Time to Explore

Marc Cowling is a thoughtful, perceptive shore angling guide who has an extensive knowledge of Devon bass fishing and other speciesin the south Devon area. His passion is lure fishing for the bass which lurk around the rocky shoreline and

Breeding size Skegness shore caught bass
08 Dec 2014

The Politics of Bassing

??Irish angling journalist Ashley Hayden shares the concerns of many regarding the levels of current fish stocks. In this feature he examines the politics surrounding the European bass.

species ID bass
27 May 2013


The colours of a bass vary from greeny-grey on the back merging into brilliant silver on the sides and a silvery-white belly. It has prominent scales on its streamlined body.

Finding a new bass venue casting
26 Apr 2013

Finding a new bass venue

Bass addict Phil Richardson joins Planet Sea Fishing from the French Atlantic coast. Phil knows his stuff, and in this first article he ventures out in search of what he hopes will be an exciting new bass mark.

LRF HRF kayak fishing in Jersey bass
18 Dec 2012

Resistance is Futile

Light tackle pioneer, lure fishing maestro and boundary-pushing kayak fisherman, Keith White, explains the roots of HRF and LRF from a British perspective, and introduces readers to the fantastically rewarding world of extreme kayak fishing in the sea.

an Irish bass taken on the fly
21 Jun 2011

Bass on the Fly

Jim Hendrick of ProBassFisher Guiding Services explains the lure of shallow water, reef fishing with a fly for bass.

a bass lip hooked in the surf
24 Apr 2010

Beat the early season blues with a beautiful bass

Brighton-based angling guide, Robin Howard had been suffering from the winter blues and a distinct lack of fish. But an impromptu beach outing with buddy Alan Stewart saw the lethargy miraculously vanish when his first bass of the season came

a boat caught bass
22 Nov 2009

A passion for bass

Bass are the sea angler’s ultimate quarry, the epitome of wild power. Few fish capture the imagination like bass, and for Matt Brook they are a life-long love. Bass are arguably Britain’s favourite sport fish with a huge mainstream level

Mark with a lure caught Alderney bass
31 Oct 2009

Riding the lightning

Steve Souter holds on to his hat and his breakfast as he teams up with Alderney small boat bass expert Mark Harding to discover the ‘power’ of plugs afloat. Twenty-five minutes after touching down in Alderney airport I was carving a