weymouth plaice and bream fishing on Atlanta
02 Jul 2014

Right Plaice Right Time

I always think fishing is a bit of a roller coaster ride with good days and tough days with just enough encouragement on the tough days to keep you coming back. Then there are days like the 7th June 2014 out of Weymouth on Atlanta when it all falls in to place at once.

species ID black bream
27 May 2013

Bream, Black

The black bream is a deep bodied, fully scaled species with a relatively small head and spiny single dorsal fin. The back of bream is darkish blue-grey merging into silvery-grey on the sides.

porbeagle shark beside boat
18 Aug 2011

Bream and tope worlds collide

Late summer wreck trips for bream and tope are what boat fishing dreams are made of as far as Isle of Wight angler Des Westmore is concerned.

two Braye harbour red mullet for Steve
30 May 2010

Bank on Braye

Steve Souter discovers that quiet Braye harbour on the Channel Island of Alderney is packed full of fishing surprises, including red mullet, Couch’s bream, masses of black bream and more tail-walking garfish than you could shake a stick at. Weathered

an angler holds a black bream
05 Oct 2009

Species spotlight: Black bream

Punch-packing black bream are spritely, sporty and hard as nails. Here Jim O’Donnell reveals all you need to know for targeting this prize fighter. Black bream could be described as the toothy critters of the inshore shelf – obliging on

a close up of the head of an Alderney black bream
09 Jul 2009

Bread or bust

Bread is THE mullet bait, but Channel Islands’ rumour has it that a bit of loaf clobbers bream too. Steve Souter is on the case. Daylight was just about breaking as we parked off-road. Alderney shore guide and island tackle

Dickie Leggett with a Littlehampton black bream
12 Aug 2008

The forgotten venue

Steve Souter reveals the bream fishing out of Littlehampton is very much alive and well. Back in the day, the port of Littlehampton was widely regarded as the very seat of English bream fishing. The 60s and 70s were unmistakably

a lovely marked shore caught black bream
16 Jun 2008

Rattle Therapy

Shore black bream fishing doesn’t enjoy the same press as the boats, but there are southern beach venues with the power to deliver equally good sport. Pagham on the Sussex coast has fished out of its skin for bream in