Weymouth cod fishing on Supanova two cod
14 Jul 2015

Weymouth Cod Heaven on Supanova II

Weather worries put to rest Steve “Madpolka” Parker heads out from Weymouth aboard Supanova II for what turned out to be a cod catching day of a lifetime.

shetland boat fishing cod
27 May 2013


Probably the most recognisable of the cold water sea fish that the angler fishing in northern European waters is liable to come across, mostly due to its popularity with rod and line anglers.

shetland boat fishing coalfish
17 Apr 2013

Berserk Fishing With The Vikings

Shetland marks the very northern extremity of the British Isles and defines the final truly unexplored frontier for UK sea anglers. Steve Souter explored the magical location in depth some three years ago.

Baitbox Humber Cod Open 2012 winner runner-up fish
06 Mar 2012

Baitbox Humber Cod Open 2012

262 anglers from around the UK and beyond descended upon Grimsby to fish the Baitbox Big Cod Open Boat Competition in glorious conditions. They enjoyed what turned out to be a day to remember.

twp fjord cod from the Lofoten Islands
15 Jun 2011

Lofoten Islands: World Cod Champs and more

Nigel Hearn runs a charter boat around the Lofoten Islands in north Norway, here he reports on the 2011 season so far.

Laurence Williamson with his monster Shetland puddle cod
15 Feb 2011

Shetland puddle monsters

Shore fishing around Shetland can be spectacular, but it remains a huge unknown as most local sea anglers take to the boats. Laurence Williamson, Mark Duncan and son Isaac fancied a spot of fishing at a little known sea loch,

the rocky shore at Muchalls
09 Feb 2010

Muchalls Fuddlers

Pinpoint knowledge of your venue is a priceless commodity in rough ground cod fishing, but quick feet can be a big help too, as Steve Souter and pals are reminded during a speculative visit to Doonie Point at Muchalls near

Steve Walker with a cod from the River Tees
01 Feb 2010

River Tees Cod Riches

Prime winter cod conditions act like a magnet, drawing crowds of beach and rock anglers to a great many popular marks. At such times Steve Walker prefers to turn away from the crush and fish the lower reaches of the

an angler casting with long rod on Yorkshire coast
11 Jan 2010

Tackle revolution on Yorkshire coast

Rigid rods, meaty multiplier reels and rope-thick mono line have long held sway as the only way to fish the testing rock and kelp terrains of the Yorkshire coastline. Rapid changes are afoot however, as more and more rough ground

Dave with his two cod from Orford Island
13 Nov 2009

Orford Cod Island

Shore fishing ace Paul Stevens tackles Orford Island where the cod run thick, and even sleeping beauties can cash in on the action. With great reports of cod coming in left, right and centre the boys and I couldn’t resist