A wonderful sky to finish off a great day
07 Jan 2018

Common Skate Tag Along With Laura Dawn

Ronnie Campbell has been involved in common skate fishing around Oban for many years. His expertise in the targeting, capture and release of these monstrous elasmobranch species is renowned throughout the UK and Europe. I was fortunate to be among a group

species ID common skate
27 May 2013

Common Skate

This is the largest of the skates found in European waters. It has a fairly long snout which leads to the front edge of the wing or disc being concave in shape.

Enormous Crinan Skate big male
14 Oct 2012

Enormous Crinan Skate Raises Bar

Small boat owner Dave Thomson introduces a pair of stubborn charter boat fishermen to the world of private boat fishing from Crinan, Argyll, which culminates in novice angler, Dale Duff landing perhaps the largest male common skate ever taken on rod and line.

Nigel Botherway and cameraman with a Loch Aline common skate
03 Mar 2010

Skate on a plate

Lights, camera, action! Pals Steve Souter and rugby journo Nigel Botherway came up trumps on a giant skate quest, with the action captured on film for SKY TV’s Tight Lines show. A true lover of sport and all things fishing,

the mouth of a happy common skate
20 Apr 2009

How to rig up for common skate

Big powerful common skate will terminally expose any weakness in tackle. Terminal tackle in particular needs to be strong, and rig design well considered. But what is the best rig? Boat angler Les McBride has numerous massive commons under his

measuring an Oban common skate aboard Laura Dawn
15 Feb 2009

Oban unwrapped

The port of Oban is arguably the giant skate capital of Europe, but there is much more to the location. Planet Sea Fishing takes a look at the boat and shore fishing that the town and its surrounds offer. Whether

a kayak angler hooked up to a common skate
28 Nov 2008

Spurdogs in crisis?

Shaun Cumming joined the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network’s Tagathon bash at Loch Sunart where efforts to preserve dwindling spurdog stocks are a work in progress. Consider spurdog as an individual shark specie and it’s not difficult to gauge why once

close up of the mouth of a Harris common skate with hook
23 Oct 2008

Island Master-skater

Former British shore-caught skate record holder Gordon Mackenzie has been among the big fish again. Here Gillies Mackenzie exclusively reveals a secret venue, details a magic rig, and brings you the full story of Gordon’s latest 159lb shore conquest. It’s