Daiwa Tournament Boat rod tip and butt section
23 Apr 2017

Daiwa Tournament Boat Rod Reviewed

Ally Campbell has never been a tackle tart or junkie and tends to stick to what he likes for as long as possible before changing. However, at the start of 2016 he had just about worn out his favourite competition

Daiwa LW20HA reel
02 Oct 2015

The Daiwa LW20HA reel reviewed

Des Westmore recently discovered the joys of using a smaller level wind multiplier reel for his lure fishing and in particular the high speed Daiwa LW20HA which he reviews here.

Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV
26 May 2015

Strip Down Review of the Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV

Rating a reel as the best in its class may be a difficult claim to substantiate but with a strip down review Des Westmore establishes that his customer’s claim may not be far wide of the mark with the Daiwa Sealine X 30SHV.

Daiwa Saltiga 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel top view
29 Mar 2014

Daiwa Saltiga 2 Speed Lever Drag Reel

Accomplished boat angler Scott Gibson mixes it with some gruelling and fantastic fish to test the Daiwa Saltiga 40 2 Speed boat reel.

Daiwa Saltist STT30H reel on the rod
18 Jan 2011

Daiwa Saltist STT30H reel

Shore angler Iain Graham was uncomfortable with larger casting multipliers until an imminent trip to South Africa forced his hand. Choosing the powerful Daiwa Saltist STT30H, his verdict is an unflappable reel that eats the roughest rough ground and big

Daiwa Kenzaki 12-30lb 3-piece boat rod decal etc
19 Dec 2010

Daiwa Kenzaki 12-30lb 3-piece boat rod

Daiwa’s Kenzaki range of boat rods is one of the best selling across the UK. Des Westmore serves up his opinion on the three sectioned 12-30 model, a rod that is indeed made for braid. The Daiwa Kenzaki Braid Special

Daiwa 7HT MAG ST Reel
12 Dec 2010

Daiwa 7HT MAG ST Reel

Daiwa’s flagship 7HT MAG ST beach reel is here. Arguably the most audacious and acutely engineered casting reel to date, it pushes previous boundaries and takes an almighty leap towards the Holy Grail that is mechanical perfection. As Steve Souter

Daiwa Saltist level-wind reel on rod at sea
29 Nov 2010

Daiwa Saltist level-wind reel

A tough, reliable, uncomplicated reel that does the hard work of spreading the line evenly across the spool, and requires minimal maintenance is the stuff of dreams… right? Wrong. The Daiwa Saltist range of level-wind multipliers are exactly what boat

Daiwa Theory Beach rod decals
19 Jan 2010

Daiwa Theory Beach rod

‘User friendly’ is an overused term but Daiwa’s new Theory beach rods are earning swift plaudits for easy performance at a surprisingly competitive price. Iain Graham takes the 13ft multiplier rod for a whirl on the beach. Daiwa have a

Daiwa Tournament Global rod two piece
31 Oct 2009

Daiwa Tournament Global boat rod

Daiwa’s Tournament Global boat rod is unlike any other that Des Westmore has handled. Clearly compact and powerful, but how would it perform? International boat angler, David Proudfoot has considerable experience of the TG too. Scroll down to read a