flatfish identification - the curved lateral line on a dab
08 Feb 2017

Flatfish Identification A Simplified Guide to Common Flatfish

Flatfish are among the most common species encountered by the shore angler. Despite them being regular catches confusion still exists when trying to identify dab, flounder and plaice. This guide to flatfish identification explains the species differences. When it come

species ID flounder
27 May 2013


The flounder is a flatfish and normally a dull brown or greenish-brown on its upper side and occasionally faint red spots can be found. The underside is opaque and a dull white although brownish discolouration is not unusual.

LRF Winter Flounder Lolly fish
10 Dec 2012

LRF Winter Flounder

In his latest feature Weymouth LRF regular, Will Harding, explains the techniques involved in the pursuit of the predatory inshore flounder with light lures and baits.

angler holds a double shot of Wexford flounders
24 Jul 2011

Floundering Around in Co. Wexford

Irish angler Ashley Hayden relates the joys of targetting County Wexford estuary flounders when the summer species leave inshore waters.

tackle and bait for Kingsbridge flounders
05 Dec 2010

Tactics and venues for big winter flounder

The chase for specimen winter flounders is on and there’s nowhere better than the estuaries and creeks of South West England. Team Sakuma angler Alex McDonald is our man in the know and ideally placed to discuss venues and tactics.

a catch of Greatham Creek flounders lying on rocks
05 May 2010

Greatham Creek flounder tactics and tricks

Tranquil Greatham Creek is a venue populated with diverse wildlife and held in very special affection by Steve Walker. Having fished here for flounders, eels and other species since he was a boy, the place lends itself to freshwater tactics

Robin Howard with a River Arun flounder
19 Dec 2009

Flounder fishing in the River Arun

Brighton fishing guide Robin Howard visits a mark on the river Arun to fish for flounders with a group of friends. He details the various rigs and baits required to cash in. The River Arun runs from the chalk hills of the

angler standing at rod rest on Elliot beach
19 Oct 2009

Elliot beach catch-and-release

Arbroath’s Elliot beach won’t win any prizes for good looks but it’s a magnet for shore anglers. Shaun Cumming reports on an annual competition and reveals how to get the most from the venue. Elliot beach near Arbroath on the

two Sandside Bay flounders lying on bladderwrack
19 Jul 2008

Flounder fission

Steve Souter visits the wild and windswept beach at Sandside, Caithness in the shadow of the infamous Dounreay nuclear facility. Beaches in proximity to Caithness’s now decommissioned Dounreay nuclear facility regularly make northern headlines for the wrong reasons. A significant