smoothhound DNA identification testing
17 Jun 2014

Starry Starry Hounds

Smoothhounds are one of the few species which are showing an increase in numbers in north European waters, probably due to the lack of commercial pressure and the widely establish practice of catch and release from the angling perspective.

Skipper Gethyn holds a smoothhound aboard My Way out of Holyhead
18 May 2011

Here come the smoothhounds

Smoothhounds run big off the North Wales coast and the area is synonymous with some huge fish. Each year during early summer, Holyhead charter skipper Gethyn Owen is right in the thick of this spectacular action

female angler with a Holyhead spurdog
10 May 2011

Early Summer Spurdog Tactics

Surdogs, or spurs for short, are not difficult to accurately identify. The upper body is dark grey, usually with a dash of white spots, while the belly area is white.

smiling angler with a Holhead smoothhound aboard My Way
01 Jul 2008

Hounds all round

Holyhead charter skipper, Gethyn Owen has been busy catching big smoothhounds since the middle of May. Here he reports on recent events aboard ‘My Way’. Based on the two previous years, I fully anticipated a warm and settled April. But