Freedom Hawk Kayaks yellow open
14 Oct 2011

Freedom Hawk Kayaks

Sea angling Kayak design followed more or less the same standard blueprint until the arrival of the innovative Freedom Hawk range, which changed everything.

kayak besie flooded road signs
01 Apr 2009

Hitch a ride on the tide

Understanding tides is critical if putting to sea in a kayak. Neil Turnball explains what essential publications kayakers need to make sense of tides before giving a thought to getting wet. After your first few trips on your kayak you’ll

an angler displays a nice Couch's bream
08 Feb 2009

Hard and mean… that’s a Couch’s bream

Mark Harding thinks global warming may be the reason for increasing numbers of Couch’s bream and notable catches of the same. Here the Alderney angler reveals his tips for rooting out this hard fighting and colourful adversary. There is a

a kayak angler on Etive with a small thornback ray
13 Jan 2009

Still waters run deep

Winter need not to signal an end to kayak fishing says Neil Turnbull. Sheltered and scenic Loch Etive is a prime example of a venue to beat the New Year blues according to Planet Sea Fishing’s resident yakker. The onset

two anglers aboard a kayak land a fish
23 Oct 2008

Saddle, paddle, dabble

With essential kit trialled, safety drills ingrained, and a few hours of basic handling in the can, Neil Turnbull now turns his attention to gearing up for fishing from a kayak. With practise successfully undertaken, and having made yourself familiar

Step 1 - How to re-mount your kayak
29 Aug 2008

Taking the Kayak plunge

Planet Sea Fishing’s resident kayak-head Neil Turnbull explains the essential first steps that must be undertaken and mastered before entertaining the notion of a fishing trip The long awaited day has finally arrived. You’ve spent the last few weeks gathering

a kayak angler lifting a cod aboard
18 Jul 2008

Yakity-yak… you won’t look back

You’ve decided to invest in a SOT fishing kayak, but which one? Are they all the same, and what do you need to look for? Yak addict Neil Turnbull is on hand with some priceless advice. What is a SOT

four brightly coloured kayaks on the beach
01 Jul 2008

Kayak logic

Since swapping his small boat for a sea kayak, Neil Turnbull has discovered new things about himself and his regular fishing venues. Kayak fishing works for him and it might well work for you too. Why go fishing from a