species ID ling
27 May 2013


The ling is a long bodied fish with one short anterior dorsal fin, 14 to 15 rays and one long fin towards the tail. It has a single chin barbel and the lower jaw does not project.

shetland boat fishing coalfish
17 Apr 2013

Berserk Fishing With The Vikings

Shetland marks the very northern extremity of the British Isles and defines the final truly unexplored frontier for UK sea anglers. Steve Souter explored the magical location in depth some three years ago.

the mouth of a ling showing teeth
27 Sep 2009

Lymington Ling

Des Westmore hooks up with Lymington charter skipper Rob Thompson & crew for a crack at the offshore ling fishing, shattering his previous personal best fish in the process. I organise nearly all my charter trips, so an invite on

The British record ling captured by Shetland angler James Isbister in 2013
13 Jan 2009

Species spotlight: Ling

Jim O’Donnell pops in to Planet Sea Fishing and offers his tuppence worth on targeting and catching ling. Ling come from a super-order of fishes called Paracanthopterygll (cod-like fishes). They have a cod-like chin barbell, extreme sensory glands on the