Starting Light Rock Fishing (LRF) tompot blenny
02 Oct 2012

Starting Light Rock Fishing (LRF)

Interest in LRF has exploded over the last few months, and anglers of all ages are queuing up to get involved in this uncomplicated and exciting style of fishing.

Ascension Island Shore Fishing yellowfin tuna
19 Aug 2012

Ascension Island Shore Fishing

Angling adrenaline junkie, Bruce McDonald visits the incredible location of Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean where he successfully battles yellowfin tuna from the shore, and locks horns with a whole host of other tackle-testing species.

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring three heads
03 Oct 2011

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring

Savage Gear Cutbait Herring lures are so well finished that when Davy Proudfoot first saw them he didn’t know whether to fish with them or frame them!

box with selection Gilly Eel Lures
06 Sep 2011

Gilly Eel Lures

They’re tough, they’re bright and they appropriately swim like fish. Steve Souter discusses the brand new Gilly Eel lures exclusive to top on-line retailer Ocean Tackle Store.

a Western Isles pollack on the Redgill EVO
24 Jun 2011

Red Gill EVOs Rock

Accomplished boat anglers Ian McLean and Mike Patten are pernickety when it comes to plastics for general pollack, bass and cod fishing. The pair are seldom seduced by new ‘wonder’ lures, but Ian tells how Red Gill EVO Sandeels have really rocked their boat.

happy angler with a pollack on a Red Gill EVO sandeel
15 Feb 2011

Pretty in PINK!

Alex McDonald works on the world famous Red Gill brand of lures and is one of a number of anglers charged with putting all new prototypes through their fishing paces. His latest task was to get afloat and tow some

Lightning Leaded Twintails in a selection of colours
23 Jan 2011

Lightning Leaded Twintails

A colourful selection of new Lightning Leaded Twintail lures is the latest addition to the range at Davy Proudfoot put them to work over several boat trips out of Scrabster where they accounted for impressive numbers of cod and

New additions to Shamrock rig range
01 Nov 2010

New additions to Shamrock rig range

Shamrock Fishing Tackle have added several colourful new rigs to their already expansive range. Boat angler David Proudfoot runs the rule over some new introductions by the Irish company. Shamrock’s range of feather rigs is now well established and one

a close up of a bass
07 Nov 2009

Bass plugging basics

Sussex angler Neil Pead is a bass fishing fanatic whose particular addiction is casting plugs from the multitude of marks around his home. Plugging tackle and the method basics are simple as Neil explains. I get more raw enjoyment from

Pirking’s deadly accomplice - the Gummi-Makk
08 Feb 2009

Pirking’s deadly accomplice

The humble Norwegian eel design may be older than the hills but this unassuming lure is ideally suited to fishing above a pirk. What they lack in looks and finesse, they make up for in unflinching longevity, and they are