twp fjord cod from the Lofoten Islands
15 Jun 2011

Lofoten Islands: World Cod Champs and more

Nigel Hearn runs a charter boat around the Lofoten Islands in north Norway, here he reports on the 2011 season so far.

fishing in Repvag Norway
07 Apr 2011

Land of the Giants

Dutch angling journalist Simon Pim Pos travels to Repvåg, North Norway and encounters incredible boat fishing with cod built like buffaloes and wolf fish with pitbull attitude. He describes the whole experience as life changing and dreams of living there.

an angler's rod take a serious bend with a halibut
13 Jun 2009

Vannoya is Halibut Heaven

In September 2008 I was mopping about feeling thoroughly sorry for myself because I had been forced to cancel a meticulously planned marlin fishing holiday out in Kenya due to unforeseen circumstances. Depressed, I received a call from a sympathetic

a brooding fjord backdrop to a charter boat trip in Norway
13 Nov 2008

Cod Bless Norway

Friends and I regularly travel to Norway to tap the spectacular sea angling now widely profiled in the angling media. Our destination this year was Koppangen , a two hour drive in a north easterly direction from Tromso, or alternatively 40