flatfish identification - the curved lateral line on a dab
08 Feb 2017

Flatfish Identification A Simplified Guide to Common Flatfish

Flatfish are among the most common species encountered by the shore angler. Despite them being regular catches confusion still exists when trying to identify dab, flounder and plaice. This guide to flatfish identification explains the species differences. When it come

the 5.4kg record breaking plaice
04 Sep 2016

Record Breaking Plaice in the Faroe Islands

The town of Vestmanna, provides the perfect backdrop for the sea angler who wants to target huge plaice. The local charter skipper Magni Blástein has spent the last few years establishing the best all weather marks.

weymouth plaice and bream fishing on Atlanta
02 Jul 2014

Right Plaice Right Time

I always think fishing is a bit of a roller coaster ride with good days and tough days with just enough encouragement on the tough days to keep you coming back. Then there are days like the 7th June 2014 out of Weymouth on Atlanta when it all falls in to place at once.

species ID plaice
27 May 2013


The plaice is a typical round bodied, right eyed flatfish. The upper side is a sandy brown with prominent red or orange spots. The underside is a pearlescent white.

Golds Beach Missions plaice
08 Mar 2013

Golds Beach Missions

Top International shore rod, renowned tackle innovator and now fully-functioning, all-action sea fishing guide, Ian Golds is on the case of the elusive Portsmouth plaice.

Weymouth plaice fishing Supernova plaice squid
25 Nov 2011

Supernova in the right plaice

Being in the fortunate position of having a day’s holiday to use before the end of the year I decided that a trip out on the Supanova with Lyle Stantiford was too good to miss.

the late Adrain Farley with a shore plaice
13 Mar 2009

Race to spring plaice

With 50 years of shore plaice fishing experience under his belt, the late Adrian Farley was well qualified to advise exactly when, where and how to catch prime flatfish on this side of the English Channel. The Solent area plaice fishing

a nice plaice from the boat for this angler
21 Jun 2008

PlaiceStation 4

England international boat angler Colin Searles is a World Champion and species fishing addict. Here he reveals how he uses fixed spools for plaice fishing off Weymouth. The annual Weymouth ‘Plaice Only’ competition is a fun charter boat event involving