the Bagnall bar rig
17 Feb 2017

How to Tie a Bagnall Bar Rig

The innovative Bagnall bar rig was designed and popularised by Tom Bagnall of   Christchurch Angling Centre . It is designed for distance fishing with a low profile having the baited hook under tension behind the weight. The layout allows the angler to

an adapted urfe rig with a short boom
08 Feb 2017

How to Tie an Urfe Rig

Urfe Rig The urfe rig is a simply constructed, long established rig used extensively in Spain and Portugal particularly for bream species. The urfe clip with its swivel allows the hook length to rotate freely and is relatively tangle free

John's stingray rig
28 Jun 2016

How to Tie John Popplewell’s Stingray Rig

This rig is designed to fish a large ragworm bait for stingray, the hooks, 1/0, may seem on the small side but the stingray has a comparatively small mouth.

the recoil rig for drop shot fishing
25 May 2016

The Recoil Rig for Drop Shot Fishing

Sometimes, when drop shotting, you need the lure to remain in more or less the same place while still imparting the necessary action to tempt a nearby fish to take. The recoil rig is one method of keeping the lure in the take zone for longer.

Donkey Rig or Double Fluke Rig
23 Apr 2016

How to Tie a Donkey Rig or Double Fluke Rig

Donkey Rig for mid-water to surface fishing with two soft plastic lures.

the jika rig
24 Feb 2016

How to Tie a Jika Rig

An excellent rig for wrasse fishing in heavy, rocky, weeded ground.

John Popplewell's rig for sole
18 Feb 2016

How to Tie John Popplewell’s Sole Rig

The weight at the top of the trace helps keep the hooks tight on the bottom and the appropriately sized hooks cope with the comparatively small mouth of the sole.

Ade's sheppey rig
07 Feb 2016

How to Tie Ade’s Sheppey Rig

The principal behind this rig is that of two mini-pulley rigs and provide less resistance to the biting fish. The clips allow this rig to be fished at distance.

pulley drop down rig
24 Oct 2015

How to Tie a Pulley Drop Down Rig

The principal behind this rig is that on impact with the sea the swivels will release and the trace will slide down the body to allow the baits to rest on the seabed.

texas rig
07 Oct 2013

How to Tie a Texas Rig

A basic lure rig designed to be fished sink and draw