UK Hooks Shore Rigs flapper
28 Mar 2012


With 12 core rig designs and a build-to-order option the expansive UK Hooks Shore Rig range offers just about everything beach, rock and pier anglers could want.

UK Hooks Boat Rigs cod
31 Oct 2011

UK Hooks Boat Rigs

Finding good ready-made boat fishing rigs can be like hunting sugar grains among mountains of salt. But there’s no need to panic because the Boat Rig range from UK Hooks offers quality in spades.

packs of Shamrock Animal Rigs
06 Jan 2010

Shamrock Animal Rigs

An ‘Animal’ rig describes a heavy duty boat trace designed to work through a busy session hauling fish with abrasive skins and teeth, such as rays and spurdogs. Here Planet Sea Fishing comment on the Animal Rigs produced by Irish company,

the mouth of a happy common skate
20 Apr 2009

How to rig up for common skate

Big powerful common skate will terminally expose any weakness in tackle. Terminal tackle in particular needs to be strong, and rig design well considered. But what is the best rig? Boat angler Les McBride has numerous massive commons under his

Doing the wire twist
01 Feb 2009

Doing the wire twist

Wire and crimps go hand in hand, but there is another way to construct the likes of wire tope traces. The strong and neat hot twist method is a clever alternative to crimping wire. Heavy-duty multi-strand wire traces for big

Tronix foam rig winders
01 Jul 2008

Tronix EVA foam rig winders

For a number of years now some of the UK’s top shore and boat anglers have been storing their match rigs on EVA foam winders. These neat little spools store complete rigs without kinking line or phantom tangling, as is