Jersey Tope in the Sunshine
07 May 2014

Jersey Tope in the Sunshine

The waters around the Channel Island of Jersey are well known for the terrific variety of species available to boat anglers. Daniel Ferguson relates a typical early season day afloat off the south west coast.

species ID tope
27 May 2013


The tope is a member of the shark family and has the typical slender shark shape with five gill slits. The upper lobe of the tail fin is large and ends in a triangular shape.

porbeagle shark beside boat
18 Aug 2011

Bream and tope worlds collide

Late summer wreck trips for bream and tope are what boat fishing dreams are made of as far as Isle of Wight angler Des Westmore is concerned.

a nice KIlmore Quay tope
03 Jul 2011

Tope Heaven in South East Ireland

Irish angler Ashley Hayden describes a day when a conger trip from Kilmore Quay turned into an all action tope fest.

Mark Harding holds Alderney tope
09 Sep 2009

Raiders of the Channel Wilds

It’s pedal-to-the-metal time for Steve Souter as he pushes offshore to sample the fantastic Alderney tope fishing out beyond the notorious Casquets rocks. The engine might even have hummed ‘Mack the Knife’ as the Raider 18 cleaved a wicked white