Weymouth cod fishing on Supanova two cod
14 Jul 2015

Weymouth Cod Heaven on Supanova II

Weather worries put to rest Steve “Madpolka” Parker heads out from Weymouth aboard Supanova II for what turned out to be a cod catching day of a lifetime.

blonde hunt at Weymouth
28 Sep 2014

A Blonde Moment, or Five

As a driver of a desk from Monday to Friday a day at sea can often stretch muscles I rarely use. As I sit and write this my back and shoulders are stiffening to an extent that tells me yesterday was a truly remarkable day’s sport! So here’s how a terrific day afloat from Weymouth unfolded as we found the blonde ray.

Weymouth International Boat Angling Challenge in harbour
05 Oct 2013

Weymouth International Boat Angling Challenge

The Weymouth International Boat Angling Challenge, the WIBAC, first took place in 2001 and was known as the YYS International Challenge for the first ten years.

Weymouth plaice fishing Supernova plaice squid
25 Nov 2011

Supernova in the right plaice

Being in the fortunate position of having a day’s holiday to use before the end of the year I decided that a trip out on the Supanova with Lyle Stantiford was too good to miss.

a nice plaice from the boat for this angler
21 Jun 2008

PlaiceStation 4

England international boat angler Colin Searles is a World Champion and species fishing addict. Here he reveals how he uses fixed spools for plaice fishing off Weymouth. The annual Weymouth ‘Plaice Only’ competition is a fun charter boat event involving