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Tope Stuff On Lancashire Coast

by Jordan Russell

The shore angling has proved patchy this week but there have been lots of bass around, some of them a good size. Rag worm and black worm being the most productive baits fished in the surf.

Afloat in the boats the tope fishing had been unreal with tope already being landed to 57lb. Two 50lbers in one day also on two different boats. It doesn’t stop there, the mackerel are also about in big numbers. With everything showing very early this season we could have a fantastic sport during the summer from the shore and boat.

Darren Evans from Fylde Boat Angling Club with a 57lb tope

Darren Evans from Fylde Boat Angling Club with a 57lb tope caught using a whole mackerel

Fleetwood and District Angling Club found that the Gynn Wall had an off day for their Club match. 24 anglers managed to catch a total of 11 fish, only ten anglers caught fish.

The majority of the fish were flounders together with a couple of bass, plaice and a sole. The weather was OK with a biggish tide and a light chop on the water.

10 year old Tyler Barlow with a nice mackerel

10 year old Tyler Barlow with a nice mackerel he caught using Fish Zone feathers

Obviously just one of those days.

Club chairman Mike Owen was the winner with a bass of 33cm closely followed by Trevor Barnett with a bass of 32cm. The only competitor with two fish was Tim Wriglry who had a sole and plaice.


  1. Mike Owen 1 bass 16 points
  2. Trevor Barnett 1 bass 15 points
  3. Nick Tompson 1 flounder 14 points
  1. Tim Wriglry 1 sole 1 plaice 14 points
  1. John Hughes 1 flounder 11 points
  2. Paul Briercliffe 1 flounder 7 points
  3. Dave Wilson 1 flounder 6 points
  4. Alex Garden 1 plaice 4 points
  5. Mark Taylor 1 flounder 3 points
  6. Barry Critchley 1 flounder 2 points

Next week’s match is at Knott End.

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