fresh v frozen
26 Nov 2017

Beach Fishing Bait Challenge Fresh Worm v Frozen Worm

For this latest episode the crew took the cameras down to Kessingland on the Suffolk coast, to try and catch a few fish from the beach. Armed with some fresh lugworm and some frozen blacks they decided to pit the

Tronixpro Baitex range of bait wrapping latex
02 Oct 2017

Tronixpro Baitex Bait Wrapping Latex Reviewed

The days of using thick shirring elastic to secure baits are long gone with lots of thin elasticated threads now available to the sea angler. Top shore angler John Popplewell takes an in depth look at the Tronixpro Baitex wrapping

The packaged Inova Bait Binder with spare elastic
03 Dec 2016

Bait Binder from Inova Reviewed

Since setting up his new company, Inova, Martin McGowan has not rested on his laurels when it comes to innovative fishing tackle. While the Ullcatch Bait Weaver proved a success Martin decided that things could be improved, and the Inova

Stinky Stuff Bait Additive
06 Mar 2016

Stinky Stuff Bait Additive Reviewed

Additives have long been available to the sea angler but things have come a long way since the days of dipping in pilchard oil. John Popplewell is impressed with the spray on additives from Stinky Stuff.

video list image
04 Oct 2015

How to Catch Squid

Squid season is coming up, here the guys from Hooked Up TV in Australia visit the Osaka tackle show and cover one of the worlds biggest fishing shows.

Finished Bait - The Bloodworm Trap pennel rig
03 Jul 2015

The Bloodworm Trap – a South African Take on the Pennel Rig

The bloodworm is a relative of the lugworm found in Europe, it is widely used as a bait for shore fishing in South Africa. Here Dean Dickinson details how he has adapted the pennel rig to trap the bloodworm on a twin hook rig and ensure that it is neatly presented to the fish.

Gulp and Isome Bait storage tub seal
17 Apr 2015

Long-term Storage of Gulp and Isome Bait and Lures

Bio lures or baits such as Berkley Gulp or Marukyu Isome are impregnated with combinations of amino acids that trigger a feeding response in fish and they need proper storage to maintain their effectiveness.

Ullcatch Bait Weaver Elastic Dispenser ready for use
28 Mar 2015

Ullcatch Bait Weaver Elastic Dispenser Reviewed

Up until now I’ve had to put up with loose spools of elastic thread which, when not loosing itself and unravelling in the corners of my tackle or coolbox, becomes a malodorous, rotting mass reeking of mussel juice. Fortunately Ullcatch have come up with a handy containerised tool which overcomes all of these problems.

video list image
14 Aug 2014

Peeler crab for beach fishing

Billy Buckley shows us how to tell when a crab is about to peel and how to attach it to the hook for beach casting.

hair rigged crab
08 Apr 2014

Hair Rigged Hard Back Crab for Smoothies

Graeme Moon from Eastbourne had a great season on the smoothhounds last year. Of his 30 hounds from a local pier 25 fell to hardback crab fished on a version of the carp angler’s hair rig.