hair rigged crab
08 Apr 2014

Hair Rigged Hard Back Crab for Smoothies

Graeme Moon from Eastbourne had a great season on the smoothhounds last year. Of his 30 hounds from a local pier 25 fell to hardback crab fished on a version of the carp angler’s hair rig.

the spider crab
23 Jul 2009

Baiting with spider crab

Big, ugly and more than a little alien looking, that’s Maia Squinado – the spider crab. Often a bottom dwelling scourge, spiders are a prickly frustration renowned for snipping through snoods and stripping bait from anglers’ hooks. Like common shore crabs , spiders have to

peeling a crab for bait finished
22 Feb 2009

Understanding peeler crab (part 2)

In the second part of his peeler crab dossier Steve Walker deals with peeling, freezing and presenting this favourite fish-food. Following on from the collection of the crabs , peelers that are ready be used have to first be prepared either for mounting on

a peeler crab from a tyre
15 Feb 2009

Understanding peeler crab (part 1)

Peeler crabs can become an obsession among particularly match anglers who will spend an extraordinary amount of time collecting, storing, and preparing them for fishing use. For many other anglers peelers are something of an enigma, misunderstood and rarely used.