a path of cockles leading to Steve Walker
13 Jan 2009

Fishing with cockles

In this instalment of our popular bait series Steve Walker turns his attention to cockles, a superb and often overlooked bait. The cockle is a common and widespread bivalve mollusc, usually found on sandy or muddy ground within estuaries, or

mix of clams and cockles at a bucket
11 Jul 2008

Gaper Clams How to Collect and Use

The gaper clams are also known by local names like ‘soft clam’, ‘sand gaper’ and ‘steamer clam’. They are a fast growing shellfish with a maximum length of about 150mm, and older specimens can be as much as 25 years old.

a razorfish close up
23 Jun 2008

Razorfish baits

Want to know more about collecting, keeping and using razorfish? Planet Sea Fishing reveals all about this superb bait. Most beach familiars will have at least a fleeting acquaintance with razorfish or razor clams, even though it may only be

two hooks baited with juicy mussels
16 Jun 2008

Magic of mussels

Planet Sea Fishing takes a detailed look at mussel, one of sea angling’s truly unsung baits. Despite being widely available commercially and easy to collect in many areas, mussel is a neglected bait. This fleshy mollusc has wide ranging species