Finished Bait - The Bloodworm Trap pennel rig
03 Jul 2015

The Bloodworm Trap – a South African Take on the Pennel Rig

The bloodworm is a relative of the lugworm found in Europe, it is widely used as a bait for shore fishing in South Africa. Here Dean Dickinson details how he has adapted the pennel rig to trap the bloodworm on a twin hook rig and ensure that it is neatly presented to the fish.

white ragworm stored in sea coal
28 Dec 2009

White Ragworm: Storage & Maintenance

In part two of PSF’s definitive guide to white ragworm Steve Souter explains how to keep this deadliest of sea angling baits. There are tips on how to set up a bait fridge, great advice on worm care and much

a snake white ragworm on a ruler
28 Dec 2008

White Ragworm : Location & Digging

Steve Souter reveals all you need to know about locating and digging white ragworm. Storing this deadly bait is covered later in part two of an exclusive whiteworm trilogy. White ragworm and rarer king whites are revered and precious baits

Steve Walker checks his fresh white ragworm
28 Nov 2008

Understanding white ragworm

White ragworm enjoys regal status among UK anglers, some of whom would sell their souls for a regular supply. Steve Walker provides a quick insight into this white-hot and much sought after worm bait. White ragworm are of the family

the head and pincers of a ragworm close up
07 Oct 2008

Ragworm explained

Steve Walker takes a close look at Ragworm, one of the most effective, most available and most frightening sea fishing baits. Ragworm are among the most common marine organisms and belong to the phylum annelida family of invertebrates. More than

a lugworm beside a cast
03 Sep 2008

Lugworm explained

Lugworm is without doubt the king of worm baits. Here Steve Walker delves into the world of ‘blows’, ‘blacks’ and ‘yellowtails’. Lugworm are extremely common around the British Isles but reference books often wrongly describe a single species: Arenicola marina, or