the 246lb Guinea Bissau tarpon
01 Jun 2016

A Tale of the Guinea Bissau Silver Queen

Sometimes in life you get opportunities you simply cannot pass up on. James Wigglesworth embarked on a trip to Guinea Bissau to target of giant, untameable tarpon.

Finished Bait - The Bloodworm Trap pennel rig
03 Jul 2015

The Bloodworm Trap – a South African Take on the Pennel Rig

The bloodworm is a relative of the lugworm found in Europe, it is widely used as a bait for shore fishing in South Africa. Here Dean Dickinson details how he has adapted the pennel rig to trap the bloodworm on a twin hook rig and ensure that it is neatly presented to the fish.

boat fishing Guinea-Bissau cobia
24 Apr 2014

Guinea-Bissau Heaven

Reports of the diverse and spectacular fishing from Guinea-Bissau’s island archipelago are legendary. Mark Nightingale first looked at options back in 2008 but deferred the trip due to the difficult journey and suitable accommodation for the family.

Daniel Dickinson South Africa shark
14 Dec 2013

Daniel the Wonder Kid

Young Daniel Dickinson is following hard on father Dean’s heels as he terrorises the beaches of South Africa exhibiting his angling skills.

video list image
25 Nov 2013

Daniel and the Raggie Shark

Daniel Dickinson, aged 10, lands a 59kg Ragged tooth shark at Van Der Riets outside Port Elizabeth in South Africa using a Shimano Exage 10ft surf rod 50lb braid and a Shimano Stradic 8000 using a mullet as bait.

video list image
29 Nov 2012

Drop shot action with Wesley and Rudolph

Drop shotting SA style, strictly speaking not what we in the UK know as drop shotting but excellent light lure fishing from the boat.

video list image
05 Apr 2011

Hooked Up

Hooked up with Shaun Reid are videos that will capture the heart, fun and excitement of fishing in Southern Africa our travels take us into tropical waters of Mozambique and into the shark infested waters of the Cape.

video list image
16 Feb 2011

Action highlights from past RASSPL competitions

Highlights package of the action during past Rock And Surf Super Pro League events in South Africa. Worth watching to see 7 year old Daniel land an 84kg ragged tooth shark.

video list image
10 Feb 2011

Daniels Dickinson aged 7 lands a monster Ragged Tooth of 84kg

7 year old Daniel Dickinson fighting a Ragged Tooth Shark (male) of 84kg from a South African beach. It took him 30 minutes to land and was using a Fin-Nor Offshore Spinning reel.

iain Graham witha guitarfish in practce at Langabaan
22 Nov 2010

World Shore Angling Championships, South Africa

Fresh from the World Shore Championships, Iain Graham reports on some fantastic fishing, match tactics, the eventual winners and what might have been. This was the first time an African nation had hosted the CIPS World Shore Championships. Pre-event promises