boat fishing Jersey bass
20 Nov 2015

Afloat Off Jersey Shores

Jersey resident Daniel Ferguson appreciates the wonderful fishing that he has on his doorstep and he is keen for others to come and share in the great sport available to the boat angler.

Jersey Tope in the Sunshine
07 May 2014

Jersey Tope in the Sunshine

The waters around the Channel Island of Jersey are well known for the terrific variety of species available to boat anglers. Daniel Ferguson relates a typical early season day afloat off the south west coast.

kayak lures breaking waves
05 Jan 2013

Kayak Skill & Thrill Seekers

We hitch another exhilarating ride with Jersey-based lure and kayak expert, Keith White, as he explores different types of ‘boats’, essential equipment, and the vital importance of instruction and safety when indulging in this incredibly liberating form of sea fishing.

LRF HRF kayak fishing in Jersey bass
18 Dec 2012

Resistance is Futile

Light tackle pioneer, lure fishing maestro and boundary-pushing kayak fisherman, Keith White, explains the roots of HRF and LRF from a British perspective, and introduces readers to the fantastically rewarding world of extreme kayak fishing in the sea.