Bronwyn, Flaco and Nestor with the Blue Marlin
22 Feb 2017

Mexican Marlin Delight

Des Westmore and family enjoy the delights of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, so much so that they returned for another sunshine break. This time, daughter Bronwyn was to hook up with a fish of a lifetime as they hit the blue

Bronwyn with the first Red snapper of the trip
21 Oct 2015

Return to Fishing Paradise in Mexico

Captain Rick’s charter outfit is a only a ten minute walk from the hotel and the fishing starts almost as soon as you leave the marina. Who wouldn’t want to return to this fishing paradise?

mexico fishing trigger fish
25 Jun 2014

Trigger Fishing Fun in Mexico

For those lucky enough to still enjoy a family holiday abroad, this also becomes the vehicle to sample some fishing in foreign climes as Des Westmore relates in his Mexico holiday narrative.

fihsing in Mexico tuna
24 Apr 2014

Fishing Fun in the Mexican Sun

t was in early June last year, having spent 4 months trying to move house, that Steve Parker looked at his wife, Karan and said “You know what, I like this house so let’s go on holiday instead”.

my obsession Puerto Aventuras fishing with Captain Rick
28 Jun 2010

Captain Rick’s does the Mexico trick

Steve Parker describes a recent fishing excursion to Mexico as “Simply awesome”. With fabulous species variety, sob stories and a personal best to round it all off it’s no wonder he was bowled over. I am not an experienced big