angler standing at rod rest on Elliot beach
19 Oct 2009

Elliot beach catch-and-release

Arbroath’s Elliot beach won’t win any prizes for good looks but it’s a magnet for shore anglers. Shaun Cumming reports on an annual competition and reveals how to get the most from the venue. Elliot beach near Arbroath on the

a spoon rig for cod
11 Apr 2009

Cod ahoy!

Cod fishing off Scotland’s East Coast can be a real test of wits and endurance, but get the balance right and your onto a winner. As far as the bulk of charter and small boat anglers are concerned, cod are

a juicy crab bait tipped with mackerel
20 Nov 2008

Winter Cod Haven

Catching cod along the exposed North East Scottish coast doesn’t have to go hand-in-hand with toiling through boggy fields or scrambling down cliffs. Steve Souter says there are easier options like East Haven near Arbroath. Made up of just a