a Raider 18 boat on Luch Sunart
25 Mar 2010

Virtual sea angling in the flesh

The flourishing Internet Angling Club has birthed strong cross-border friendships, with anglers stepping out of the virtual ether to regularly travel hundreds of miles to fish together. Ian Lindsay divides his spare time to both indulge his travelling passion for

a kayak angler hooked up to a common skate
28 Nov 2008

Spurdogs in crisis?

Shaun Cumming joined the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network’s Tagathon bash at Loch Sunart where efforts to preserve dwindling spurdog stocks are a work in progress. Consider spurdog as an individual shark specie and it’s not difficult to gauge why once

Shaun Cumming with a Loch Sunart thornback ray
11 Aug 2008

Rays un-loched

Backed by mountain and dense forest, the untamed shores of Loch Sunart could be described as fiordic in appearance. Remote but reliable for thornback rays, venues don’t come much wilder, or much better than this says Steve Souter. There aren’t