lrf pollack wick
26 Aug 2017

LRF Around Caithness Harbours

I decided to head out round some of the Caithness harbours for a day with the LRf tackle. First stop was the picturesque haven at Lybster. I had hoped to pick up some flounders here but the combination of a

A close up of a Scottish porbeagle shark
18 Dec 2016

Porbeagle Shark Fishing in Scotland

Since the fishery was first discovered by members of the Caithness Sea Angling Association in the early 90’s the north coast porbeagle shark fishing has quietly simmered away off the radar. Top Scottish rod Scott Gibson tells the tale of

mermaids sea angling
09 Mar 2014

Mermaids All At Sea

Former Caithness Sea Angling Association secretary Gayle Terrace takes a wander down memory lane as she recalls the day that the gauntlet was thrown down in the battle of the sexes.

Steve Souter with a double of Scrabster cod
06 Jan 2010

Scrabster small boat & kayak fishing

Scrabster in the far north of Scotland is a venue rich in various species of fish and opportunities for the small boat & kayak angler. Davy Proudfoot serves up a guide to the nooks and crannies, and offers the knowhow

Kenny Graham with a colourful cuckoo wrasse
30 May 2009

Fishing’s Coming Home

The Home International Boat Championship is an annual event that sees the International Teams from England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales facing off for the coveted title of Home Nations Champions. Always keenly contested, I would be a liar if I

an angler fishes from a small boat under cliffs
31 Oct 2008

All eyes on Orkney

The European Boat Angling Championships comes to Orkney in the summer of 2015 and the cream of Europe’s anglers will be there. David Proudfoot knows the prolific Stromness venue intimately and here he reveals its competition fishing secrets. The Orkney

a cod in close up on a 100gm pirk
11 Jul 2008

Sport Pirking

David Proudfoot is one of a group of well-travelled boat anglers responsible for introducing pirk casting to the UK. Deadly for cod and pollack, this constantly evolving technique has much to offer, as Davy explains. Back in the mid 1980’s